Why would you do that?

By dammitt - 10/10/2009 06:10 - United States

Today, my best friend and I went to the movies. There was a hot cashier, so I thought it would be cool to talk in a British accent to try and be sexy. I walked up and started talking when he interrupted me and said in a very heavy British accent, "I know you're faking. You can stop now." FML
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what's the point of faking? if you got a date, you'd have to keep it up 24/7.

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Agreed. Dumbass. I hate how chicks are constantly trying to do things to be 'sexy'. If you were actually sexy, you wouldn't need to do that childish shit. EDIT: I just read that it said it was a man. In which case, that's even worse.

It says the OP is a man... is he gay...?

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This FML is confusing, and the grammar sucks too "I walked up and started to talking"? What are you, 7 years old?

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LMAO I didn't even see how bad it was, till You pointed that out.

It's worse because not only is he using a fake accent to be 'sexy', but he's assuming that the cashier is gay, too.

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So? What about all the straight people that hit on gay people assuming they are straight?

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it's more of an FML since he's gay

Does anyone else wonder if the guy was just messing with her, except actually talented? I've done that before.

what's the point of faking? if you got a date, you'd have to keep it up 24/7.

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Betcha he didn't think that far ahead ;) though maybe he didn't want a date, he just wanted to be "that mysterious, british, sexy guy" who knows.

OP, one question, Are you gay? I say this because ops gender is male and he says the "hot cashier" is also a guy. Just wondering if it was an error, it would make it a lot less confusing.

To all yanks, make sure you can actually perform an accent half decently before you attempt one.

Lol. . . . Yanks. I'm not a Yankee. That's a baseball team in New York. :D Silly Brits. :)

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Yank: Short form of Yankee, a slang term for someone of American origin or heritage. Silly Americans.

Kels13; way to break the stereotype and make at least some Americans seem smart.. although I imagine its only the minority that are stupid. iandevaan; where does that stereotype come from? Again, its only the minority that have bad teeth and poor hygiene. Most of us know what a shower is and take one daily!

Hey, accentscan be pretty sexy! But faked accents, no, not so much.

Sorry to try to break your prejudiced dumbfuck opinion, but I and everyone I know shower daily, and I brush my teeth three times a day. Kindly go to hell now, thanks.

#129 You are a ******* idiot. Please stop HELPING the OP make Americans look like ******* idiots. Some of us happen to not be ******* idiots and do not appreciate it.

Hey, now. I know Yank is short for Yankee. I was only joking around. Apparently you have no sense of humor. So lighten the **** up. Douche.

I'm British, and I agree with this message. A better term for Americans is '*****'.

Shut the hell up, gargoyle, you judgmental prick. Anyone from the UK who believes ALL Americans are idiots needs to grow up. Every person from the States that I've met has been intelligent and pleasant, and I'm not stupid enough to believe that they all radiate dumb - this is a website, of course you're going to get the odd one out here. But same goes for anyone from ANY country. And then you come across people like gargoyle666 here, who put people under the impression that everyone from the UK is a pretentious, egotistical, uptight, ass-clenching elitist that sips tea and nibbles crumpets while they chuckle about how dumb Americans are. Things go both ways. You think people from the States are dumb because of a select few, well, they get the same impression of us. Some of us don't want to be prejudiced against, so kindly stop smearing our name.

Sorry Witchcraft but I am going to have to call you out on that. I CANNOT believe that every American that you have ever met was pleasant and intelligent. I'm and American and I know just how stupid most are. Or maybe you are just really lucky with who you have met so far. But I understand the point you were trying to convey, Don't judge the masses for the actions of the few. If you want to reply to me, please send me a PM since I don't follow the comments that Ipost.

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U do realize "American heritage" pretty much is britain right?

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God damnit I hate it when people say "British" accent. There's no such thing! I assume you mean English. Just giving my 2 cents. Cheers.

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gargoyle- you're just one of those judgemental european pricks, aren't ya? not all Americans are unpleasant. I've been to europe and let me tell you that there are unpleasant people in both America and England. stop acting like you're better than us "yanks" and stop acting like America is just a big shithole.

I can't stand people like this OP. Just be yourself! Jeez.

i understand if someone is trying to impress someone but faking an accent isnt the right way to do it, if you want to inpress someone show off what is good about yourself (that doesnt mean if your happy with a 'certain' part of your body then you should get it out, it means to show off some sort of tallent in a way to help yourself out... (sorry if this seems aimed at you... its not i just got a bit off topic as usual "^_^

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I had a friend in high school who spoke French so well people thought she was actually French. It was fun while it lasted. That is until she met someone French, let's just say not knowing the district your accent is from or any history kind of makes you looks stupid. That said Op, it is one thing to be stupid around people you know, but you didn't even hear him say anything, you just assumed he would be American. If you want to have an accent then try for one of the Southern states, the girls sound cute there and the boys sure sound like gentlemen. Or better yet, keep your own accent. I can tell you that when you actually go to Europe (I am in London right now btw) you will find you do have an accent and if you aren't stupid and stereotypically, ignorantly American, your accent might be cute.

Your life story is relevant and interesting....

Her life story is more interesting than seeing people write the same thing over and over again - yes I'm pretty sure we can all agree the OP was dumb for trying to fake being from another country to pick up. Anyway, I totally know what you mean RubixMonkey, when you go overseas you can hear how your own accent much more easily. But I didn't find it cute - my accent started annoying me! I kept trying to speak more clearly and use better grammar.

No. Don't try a Southern accent. You're not any better at it than you are the English one. Yes, Southern accents sound great, but you aren't going to be able to pull it off, and you're just going to sound, at best, like a hillbilly rube. More likely you'll just sound like an asshole.

"...Southern accents sound great..." Which South are you talking about? >_>

The one south of the Birmingham-Atlanta axis, of course.

I already have a Southern accent and people who pretend sound like dumbass hicks.

The people who fake southern accents do sound like hicks. Just like the ones with real southern accents.

"stupid and stereotypically, ignorantly American" as an american i feel like i should be insulted...

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IF YOU DO NOT HAVE AN ACCENT, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. Okay I guess my life story failed to inspire anyone. *Sigh* I guess there goes the lifetime movie. And I don't mean to offend. If you are the stereotypical American, how other people see it (there are ignorant people in other countries--guess I didn't think that line through), and believe you are smarter than the foreigner with the accent, then yes you sound stupid. No one likes an ignorant person unless you are wanting to enlighten them through genital-to-genital education. It wasn't meant to be offensive. Also I'm not talking an accent so thick you could throw a shoe at it and shatter the ******* thing, I just meant that a lot of my family is Southern and have sweet accents. Not the hick accent, the southern gentlemen accent.

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RubixMonkey- I know how you feel. this girl in my class constantly talks in French to impress people. We went to the same French immersion school, but unlike her, im not a total showoff. Thankfully, there are people who agree with me. I dont know if this completely related to your story, but i just needed to get my annoyance out.

Fake Southern accents are the most annoying of them all. And, as someone who's lived in or around every major city in Texas plus has lived in a major city and the bayou of Alabama, I can definitely assure you that there is not one particular Southern accent. And I've never heard a person fake one that sounded authentic. It usually comes out too twangy and drawn out. Most Southern accents are relatively mild, depending on how rural you get.

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Wow. I don't understand why you do this. 95% of yanks don't know what a real accent from the UK sounds like.

true, most americans think brits sound like eliza from "my fair lady." i worked with a guy from england and his accent was a lot more subtle.

Yanks generally seem to think that the English are either a) Posh bastards or b) Cockneys. Some of the accents are subtle, some however are not. Geordie, scouse, brumie and black country accents are generally very broad and difficult to figure out (even for follow Englishmen). Personally though, I've always quite liked girls with sheffield accents.

Sheffield accents, i love your taste respect

Besides, a British accent is accent is a very general term (and only used by foreigners)... can include Scots, Northern Irish, Welsh, Cockney, Geordie or a huge variety of regional accents.

Lolsan, that's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Have 95% of Americans never seen a movie? Have 95% of Americans never been on youtube? We have all heard real British accents, but we haven't all heard every regional dialect. Hell, most of us haven't even heard every American accent. Quit being such a pretentious shit.

@93: Youtube =/= credibility. Think up a better argument.

Sheffield accents are the most beautiful accents in the world, in my opinion.

95- I think they just meant that there are a lot of Brits on youtube. Speaking with their accents. Which are British. Or what, is every Brit on youtube fake now? It's a fairly reasonable argument, it's not that Americans (Yanks, whatever the hell you wanna call them) don't know what the accent sounds like, they just often can't immitate it. Like all Brits can do perfect American accents anyway >.> OP, dude. Jackassery to the extreme. No need. (Not cuz you're gay, I couldn't care less either way, but... ugh. It's a YDI the instant someone says they decided to try and be sexy.)

95%? what did you randomly pull a number out of your ass or something? i doubt that there would actually be statistics on whether or not yanks know what a real UK accent sounds like. who would take the time to go and ask every single yank whether or not they know what it sounds like? ridiculous.

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Could you please, please stop calling us a word that sounds like Masturbation. I Yanked today.

#94 your pretty ^.^ and iv only ever heard a sheffield accent once and the person i was speaking to said i sounded posh >.< do you think that a bracknell accent sound posh? >.< because iv always thought its almost too slangy to sound anywhere near posh xD but i love the sheffeild accent ^^.^^

Thankyou, someone who finally unserstands!

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people who have to TTY and be sexy are dumber than a box of rocks. get a clue people don't like you cuz you try to hard

Fail. What a dumbass thing to do. And no offense to anyone who has a British accent, how is that sexy, especially if you faking it? Be yourself (:

Haha, i know right! And i don't really think they are sexy anyway, mine isn't.

no such thing as a british accent - britain is made up of four countries, each with their own different accent and within those countries there are even more specific accents. the 'british' accent most people think about is some derivitive of the english accent

It's a general term. By the same token, there's no designated "American" accent, or really any country that has different regions/provinces. It's just shorter to say than "southern Scottish" or "Northern English" (or what have you) accents.

we don't need you to be like 'northern english' or 'scouse' or 'brummie' or anything, (although i'd be impressed if you managed the last 2 convincingly...) but just english would do! I'm English, I'd hardly ever describe myself as British and I'm sure if you ask a Welsh, Scottish or Irish people they would say the same.

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Great Britain is one country. The United Kingdom most commonly known as UK is several countries that Great Britain is a part of.

@107: Are you ******* stupid? :/ Great Britian is not a country, it is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and is usually referred to as the United Kingdom. The full name is the United Kingdom of Great Britian. ******* idiot, you aren't British are you? Don't pretend to know what you're talking about.

JamesBond2 = Win. Thanks for getting there first!

Oh, good God, no. Great Britain is, in fact, the largest island of the British Isles, compromising of England, Wales and Scotland. The United Kingdom is made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Not to mention the schoolboy spelling error. Britian??

Still not quite there, Mr Bond. Full name is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Great Britain is the Island consisting of England, Scotland and Wales. NI isn't part of GB.

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Hahahahha. in soviet Russia british accent speaks you!

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No. These jokes are not win. Get a tasteful sense of humour.

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Asshole. Say that to a Russian, and I know they won't be happy. Especially one born of Soviet parents.