By girlwithaprob - 13/11/2010 21:45 - United States

Today, my boyfriend told me I was the only girl he'd ever text, call, or flirt with again. Later on he told two other girls exactly the same thing on Facebook, not realizing that everybody can read wall messages. FML
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I love watching peoples' lives fall apart via Facebook :)

felton 0

What a dumbass! Lol .


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that sucks :/

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What a dumbass! Lol .

ledzeppelinIV 0

I agree what a dumbass

i agree.. like seriously who doesnt know that wall posts are public. what an Asshole!

I agree! Dump that idiot!

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Why are you whining on FML? Dump that stupid bitch!

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Well fuck me sideways and call me Alan (FML Staff), I'm a stupid, stupid little girl.

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Wow. I didn't realize that's why it got modded.

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Also, don't act like I actually read the rules. Who would be stupid enough to waste their time doing that?

Sirin is awesome! :p

bamagrl410 31

Ahahaha Sirin ftw again.

Ha! He sucks at cheating.

Maybe he just has trouble remembering your name.

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you should dump him just for being stupid , oh yeah and cheating on you

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who the hell cares it's not like he cheated on you

janelly16 7

haha he pulled a fail

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ha. your name is Janel kinda rhymes with anal your picture makes it look even more true...

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hahahah 19, that was the funniest sh i have read on fml.

19; that was hilare :')

janelly16 you are very hot

RedPillSucks 31

He got nailed by the "dumbass" detector.