By Anonymous - 10/05/2009 18:46 - United States

Today, my boyfriend texted me saying, "I can come over today. She thinks I've got work." I think he had the wrong number. FML
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I'd be like. Nope. She thinks you're an ass hole who no longer has a girlfriend


Hey, you never know. Don't assume. He could be meaning to text his friend, about how his mom thinks he has work. Don't judge.

Or maybe he's talking about his boss thinks he at work.

Or even if he is talking about his gf having work maybe he is having a guy friend that she doesn't like over and she doesn't want them to hang out.

I'd be like. Nope. She thinks you're an ass hole who no longer has a girlfriend

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#3 the only problem with what you said is you're being too nice. I'd say something a lot worse and use first person

I'm with #3 - but first you change the locks & throw all his stuff out on the curb (assuming you share a place or he has a key). Cheating scumbag.

Yeah, you should have shown up and gave him a good punch. Make him realize what he just missed out on!

what a jerk. you should make him pay for what he did to you. slowly and painfully.

Haha that sucks, I'm assuming that after that you dumped him. Go hit the clubs tonight, it'd be better than hanging out with that loser.

wow... any guy who does that doesnt deserve any woman... what a douche... dump him and move on...

unless he meant to text you and was talking about someone else? unlikely. that sucks

i think you should delete his number

What if he was texting you and the "she" refers to his mom? I'm reaching here but I'm just trying to help.

but you just think....maybe he is wanting to surprise you...? im not convinced that your life is truly ****** because of this one instance. perhaps you have a bit of paranoia??