By anonymous - 22/11/2009 20:23 - United States
Today, I got a text from a woman containing many naked pictures of her. Apparently she meant to send those to her boyfriend whose number is one digit from mine. The bad part? My girlfriend was using my phone when I received that message. FML
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  tiancai  |  0

I wouldn't go that far, but I'd say YDI for having a phone that supports images. Mine doesn't, so I don't have to worry about such things happening to me :D

  flying_vegan  |  0

Hello? Oh hi mid to late 1990s, what's up? Oh, you want your inferior phones back? Sorry, think tiancai's still using one... He also uses your slow modems to avoid the chance of images loading onto his computer any time soon, and I think he just referred to something as "da bomb".

By  shinkukage09  |  0

The sad, sad stereotypes of males is still shown. Fucking pigs, many of the commenters are. And OP, if she doesn't believe you, then she doesn't trust you, and isn't worth your time.

  flying_vegan  |  0

"Pigs, many of the commenters are?"
Like Yoda, talk all backwards you do. Agree with you views I may, but with your phrasing, great problems I have.

But I suppose you might actually be Yoda, and therefore I should stop taking the piss before you use your Jedi mind tricks on me...

  Palistus  |  0

the sad, sad truth is shown about bitches with no sense of humor; they're bitches with no sense of humor that like to demean others.

I am sad(not really) to inform you many guys are not pigs, and we don't like it when someone can't spot an obvious jokes, and calls us pigs for them.

This site is for fun. Jokes are fun. Stop ruining it for people like me who get angered when others make idiots/stereotypers out of themselves.