By MaggotMother - 20/04/2013 10:51 - United States

Today, I learned what live maggots in chocolate cake taste like. FML
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Just picturing that makes me want to throw up my frosted flakes I'm currently devouring

iarefatal 9

Probably not like sprinkles on cupcakes right?


Wow that's so disgusting

Disgusting? Yes, I agree. If you look on the bright side though, he upped his protein intake for the day.

How could this, in any way, be deserved?! Good LORD fyl D:

35- Who ever said anything about it being deserved? Besides, if OP is unsanitary (assuming they made the cake), then it could be deserved.

In the 5 minutes it takes prepare the cake baking, maggots got in it? How is that possible? The only way would be to actually put them in it.

Actually, if there is uncooked egg in the cake and it has been sitting for a few days, its totally possible for maggots to grow in there. Plus the cake acts as food for them. Disgusting, so always remember to fully cook your cake folks! :p

36, there are over 600 YDI. That's what I was referring to..

Maggots only eat spoiled or decayed matter, so that cake must have been truly nasty.

At least you didn't eat Casu Marzu (maggot cheese).

And keep flies away.

S'not disgusting if you're Bear Grylls. I bet he'd be like "why is there cake in my maggots?".

There is first time for everything

Therefore I was right in the first place and got downvoted for no reason.

Except for screwworms, yeah.

Just picturing that makes me want to throw up my frosted flakes I'm currently devouring

perdix 29

#2, you still eat while reading FML? You'd be about the last person who foolishly engages in that form of multi-tasking.

Lol 30, wanna know another foolish multitask? My friend's Russian cousin watched 2 Girls 1 Cup while eating coco pebbles with not even one gag.

#30 trust me, that mistake will never be made again

Damian95 16

30 she was Russian. No need for anything else. You could've ended it at my friends cousin is Russian.

When in Russia, 2G1C is disgusted by you!

You mean Soviet Russia

bamagrl410 31

I was seriously just about to go get a snack because I was hungry, and then this FML & especially these comments made me nauseous...

Live maggots.. Did Bear Gyrillis show up?

Maybe he made the cake.

Think of all those proteins!

Lasagnaa 24

Was it good?

xeka 10

If bear grylls could grill bears, how many bears would bear grylls grill?

iarefatal 9

Probably not like sprinkles on cupcakes right?

More like cream filled gummy toppings, yum.

Achievement unlocked: Gross out FML community. I'm on a roll.

Like vanilla.

Why would you eat something that has probably had the time to grow maggots in it? Eww.

spekledworf 18

Your comment makes no sense

Google casu marzu, #7. I think you'll enjoy it.

Imhere4fml 24

To many words, 12?

About time someone else tries it! I've been trying to start that trend for years!

That is pretty gross, if you just bought it I recommend you take it back

The mere thought of that is sickening. Will you ever be able to eat chocolate cake again??

I probably wouldn't

That's pretty gross. did it taste? I can't be the only one wondering.