By hopeyoushityourintestinesout - / Saturday 8 June 2013 00:16 / United States - Everett
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  jessi_sunshine  |  26

@41 OP's Sister: "Today, my estranged brother showed up to my wedding after receiving an accidental invitation. I had to have him forcefully removed after he tried to convince my fiancé that he had a hidden beef with me."

  edris_305  |  21

The sister was too scared to sleep thus ruining her beauty sleep which caused her too look horrible and this is why her brother was not invited into the wedding :D

  Surewhatever  |  31

Yep. I recently attended my brother's wedding and my mother was not invited. For very good reasons. She always causes a scene at every family gathering, attempting to get attention. My brother refused to have his and his beautiful new wife's day ruined by her antics. So... depending. This could be a YDI.

By  kim_larsa  |  5

Crash her wedding and steal her boyfriend.

  Benzypoop  |  6

You don't know the whole story, OP may have done something rather nasty to his sister. Also find a better insult than "cunt", as it makes you look like a grade schooler.

  rg350dx  |  29

Well, it stops for a brief moment then the potential bride to be hears a clichéd speech from a past lover, they kiss, tears are shed and its all followed by a happy, heartwarming montage ending with the two driving off into the distance...

In conclusion, I seriously need to get rid of the lifetime channel on my cable.

  Welshite  |  39

You watch those shows and dream that one day your prince in shining armor will arrive and sweep you off your feet. Don't worry, rg, it will happen eventually.

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