By hopeyoushityourintestinesout - 08/06/2013 00:16 - United States - Everett

Today, I drove 2 hours to my sister's wedding, only to find out my invitation was sent to me by mistake. She had me kicked out. FML
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That's ridiculously low, especially for your sister... Unless there's some hidden beef you're not telling us about

Send her a present and be like, "oops I made a mistake" and take it back


That's ridiculously low, especially for your sister... Unless there's some hidden beef you're not telling us about

We dont have both sides here. For all we know OP could've done something terrible to his sister causing her to not invite her own brother to the wedding.

Hidden beef just sounds nasty..

Maybe she saw his hidden beef?

That's what I'm curious about. I wonder if her sister has her own FML counter part.

Hidden beef sounds sexy.

Turns out OP is the brother who wants to jizz on everyone in the world.

royalsgrl 14

There has to be something hidden!! If it was my sister I'd kick her out to lol. But that's a long story and she's a troublemaker.

Or you could call it mystery meat.

@41 OP's Sister: "Today, my estranged brother showed up to my wedding after receiving an accidental invitation. I had to have him forcefully removed after he tried to convince my fiancé that he had a hidden beef with me."

Why all the negative votes for #83? I like this comment.

The sister was too scared to sleep thus ruining her beauty sleep which caused her too look horrible and this is why her brother was not invited into the wedding :D

Yep. I recently attended my brother's wedding and my mother was not invited. For very good reasons. She always causes a scene at every family gathering, attempting to get attention. My brother refused to have his and his beautiful new wife's day ruined by her antics. So... depending. This could be a YDI.

Thats what happens when you mix fiction and reality- a ydi from me

kim_larsa 5

Crash her wedding and steal her boyfriend.

yes, because turning gay for your sisters husband helps everything.

rg350dx 29

But I gotta admit, turning your sister's husband gay is pretty impressive. That's some dedicated revenge right there.

Especially if he marries him, now that is some commitment to revenge, not to mention wonderfully ironic.

Send her a present and be like, "oops I made a mistake" and take it back

rg350dx 29

Don't worry 13, it was mailed with a REALLY long string attached to it.

Send her a empty box! Or with a note that says "opps, I forgot to put your present in here"

WonkeyDonkey 10

A box of animal turds perhaps?

Why would OP take back animal turds?

Kc1001 14

Sweet revenge never tastes better than that. Karma's a bitch but sometimes needs a little nudge in the right direction.

I retract my comment. Meant to comment on previous fml

MichellinMan 20

What a cunt.

Pretty sure cunt pretty much sums it up

You don't know the whole story, OP may have done something rather nasty to his sister. Also find a better insult than "cunt", as it makes you look like a grade schooler.

Thats when you storm back in and scream "I object"

I'm curious. What happens when someone does that? Does the wedding actually stop?

rg350dx 29

Well, it stops for a brief moment then the potential bride to be hears a clichéd speech from a past lover, they kiss, tears are shed and its all followed by a happy, heartwarming montage ending with the two driving off into the distance... In conclusion, I seriously need to get rid of the lifetime channel on my cable.

You watch those shows and dream that one day your prince in shining armor will arrive and sweep you off your feet. Don't worry, rg, it will happen eventually.

I can just see it now... OP: "I object!" Flabbergasted Priest: "For what reason, good sir?" OP: "This woman is a bitch."

31- GREAT comment. Much enjoyed. Well played sir!!!

SumBur 11

Is it because you refused to give her $1000 when you went into labor?

Op's a guy though, so unless he's Arnold Schwarzenegger, that's unlikely.

SumBur 11

Let's not get all technical now.

I remember that FML, good one!

Make sure you do the same to her. Or find some sort of emergency where you need her, then right before she gets there, say "Oh never mind"

therealafroninga 10

Like if she ever goes into labor, demand 1000$ for a ride to the hospital.

Unleash a pack of rabid dogs into the ceremony

I would personally go with rabid wolverines...