By Anonymous - United States
Today, trying to be cute, my boyfriend threw a snowball at me. This would have been fine had it not been hard enough to break my glasses. As a college student, I have to choose between eating for the next two weeks or replacing them. FML
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  roeallen  |  11

Agreed. If he is at all a nice person, he would have offered to pay. Especially since he is your boyfriend! Either that or he used all his money for buying strap-ons, and he is too embarrassed to tell you he wants to have kinky sex.

  steeledwolf  |  8

I'm pretty sure one of the pieces of glass didn't shatter so... and even if they did u could still see a damn wall cuz you are not completely blinded just blurred


even if he didn't mean to hit her in the face, he would have had to throw it REALLY hard to break her glasses, and to that I say, why would he think pelting her a snowball is cute? maybe lightly tossing it, but throwing it hard enough to break anything is definitely not cute.