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Today, trying to be cute, my boyfriend threw a snowball at me. This would have been fine had it not been hard enough to break my glasses. As a college student, I have to choose between eating for the next two weeks or replacing them. FML
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lilwhtboybrandon 0

I'm sure he wouldn't mind at least helping you pay to replace them. Otherwise, just eat all his food. :)


lilwhtboybrandon 0

exactly he broke the glasses. or. you buy the glasses and he pays for the food.

Agreed. If he is at all a nice person, he would have offered to pay. Especially since he is your boyfriend! Either that or he used all his money for buying strap-ons, and he is too embarrassed to tell you he wants to have kinky sex.

I agree or at least pay half.. that sucks

MisherzzSquisher 0

If OP goes to, it's pretty cheap. it's around 25 dollars, having extra things on your glasses cost more.

iSitt 0

plastic lenses are hard to break. must be your frames. Try fixing it with crazy glue or tape.

FMLephant 2

Instead of having him pay you, just Snowball him. Then he'll never do that again.

that sucks I would go with the food cuz u really need it

ShadyFTW1 0

yea, I'm sure she will have a fun time walking into walls.

I'm pretty sure one of the pieces of glass didn't shatter so... and even if they did u could still see a damn wall cuz you are not completely blinded just blurred

brennan677 0

yeah. i need glasses but i never wear them. also you dont know if their far sighted or near sighted.

SunshineBoy21 0

My vote is that he replaces them ;)

I'm sure he wouldn't mind at least helping you pay to replace them. Otherwise, just eat all his food. :)

Tell the jackass you'll be dining at his house for the next 2 weeks. Maybe he'll think twice next time he wants to be cute.

He caused the problem, He should pay for the new glasses.

HIT HIM IN THE NUTSssszzzz!! then make him pay or tell him ur gonna dine with him for the next month.

Pb25797051 0

if a girlfriend hit me in the nuts i would never talk to her again...

akd1v 0

either make him pay for food or glasses

InnocentLies 0

Looks like he'll be in the kitchen making you sandwiches for two weeks. That'll be cute. ;)

make him pay for glasses & food, then make him give u head 4 being a d-bag

InnocentLies 0

a guy str8 guy in the kitchen!? that's funny

InnocentLies 0

There's lots of straight guys who work in kitchens..

beks1232 0

Seriously, go to a fast food place and I promise there will be guys in the kitchen.

How is throwing a snowball at someones face cute in anyway?

I agree with you but he probably didn't mean to throw it at her face.

rockyraccoon28 8

even if he didn't mean to hit her in the face, he would have had to throw it REALLY hard to break her glasses, and to that I say, why would he think pelting her a snowball is cute? maybe lightly tossing it, but throwing it hard enough to break anything is definitely not cute.