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Today, after dating for almost a year, I decided to introduce my parents to the man I was sure I'd fallen in love with. When dad saw him, his and my boyfriend's face completely dropped. I asked them what was wrong because I could feel the discomfort. Turns out, I'm dating my dad's drug dealer. FML
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At least your dad doesn't have to pay for his drugs anymore... Hehe


People shoudn't know lyrics of Ke$ha. I'm losing my faith in those dumbasses

Drugs, or pot? HUGE difference.

perdix 29

#59, Yah! They ought to be kicked to the curb unless they look like Mick Jagger. It's worse than you think.

It's hard NOT to know them when they're played on the radio a lot, #59!

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131- It is a drug. So is nicotine which is in cigarettes. Painkillers are drugs. Don't correct someone on something you don't know.

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A drug is a substance which may have medicinal, intoxicating, performance enhancing or other effects when taken or put into a human body or the body of another animal and is not considered a food or exclusively a food.

DKjazz 20

Semantics, people. Drug column A has stuff like prozac, claritin, viagra, etc., and drug column b has cocaine, heroin, meth, etc. Marijuana fits into one of these columns, either way. Whether A or B is up to the opinion holder.

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it is a drug. but it is not that harmful imo

At least your dad doesn't have to pay for his drugs anymore... Hehe

I want to know which one of them told OP about this.

I would have loved to hear that conversation. "Dad this is my bf" "ya, we have met, you still owe me for a quarter"

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It sounds like a win win for me. The boyfriend would probably feel pressured to give drugs to the father for free now. That sucks though that now OP knows that daddy gets lit up if she didn't know before.

so her father fan better fuel his addiction is a win for you?

Dude, should of said it right. This is LEGEND, wait for it....

#21, should HAVE, omg, where do you get this "should of" from? it doesn't even make any sense.

@31 People get it from the contracted form of should have (that is should've) which sounds similar to "should of"

#39, yes, obviously. but when a person types "should of", why doesn't it occur to them that something's not quite right with it?

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What's up with the grammar Nazis around here? Gees, the comment was epic, why ruin it over something like that. High five, #21.

I disagree 51. In my opinion, it wasn't that great of a comment. If it were, I'm sure most people would be able to look past the obvious grammatical **** up.

47 - If they haven't learned otherwise, why would it look odd to them?

countryrose92 23

Yay 48! Way to finish it off

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Yea u just spelled LEGENDDARY. LOL

I know. I hate it when education succeeds.

Well on the bright side you can probably get a discount.

olpally 32

Just a discount? That shit should be free now! Lol.

perdix 29

#51, unless the boyfriend is growing the weed or cooking the meth himself, he's just a middle man and needs to pay the wholesale cost to the cartel. I'd imagine getting your dope wholesale is probably a pretty sweet deal. Dealers probably command steep margins and will get away with it until Wal*Mart gets in the game.

olpally 32

So, perdix, you're the kingpin in this FML then behind the scenes? Good work. I'll buy it from you directly then. ;)

Hmmm Walmart, I could just hear their new slogan now " save money, get higher! Walmart"

Pontiff 2

#64 A Lecture from Tony Soprano.

lol did you know your dad did drugs before this?

Allornone 35

Or that your boyfriend dealt drugs?

If her dad and boyfriend disappear together at family gatherings at least she now knows what they are doing :)

Her dad is probably part if the drug trade as well.

5, looks like they're going to have a family business running.

that was a bad attempt at a joke on me part, i apologize to the OP, it wasn't an actual serious assumption. I just thought i would lighten the situation with a joke that related to my profile picture. :/

Did your dad try and get the drugs half off after that

This more an FML about OP's parent doing drugs. Bf's would come dime a doz, not one's parents.

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Just keeping the business in the family

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not sure whats worse that your dads a druggy or that you could b dating one.

Well, if its just weed and its only occasionally then it's not so bad.

jem970 19

Maybe he deals but doesn't take part. Silver lining :)

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Dealers shouldn't be using the product they sell. Otherwise they wouldn't be in business very long.

Number 4, I know you've heard this before, never get high on your own supply

LiterOfCola 16

A lot of people deal in small amounts just so they can smoke for free. Being a "drug dealer" doesn't mean they get shipments from a cartel necessarily. Casual dealers like I mentioned might simply buy a large amount from a friend or someone meaning a lower price proportionally and then sell it off in smaller, more proportionally expensive amounts.

This one sounds kind of familiar...I'm pretty sure there was another one like this a few months ago that was worded differently.

There shouldn't be an excuse for the dealer to be late to a deal, then. He knows where your dad lives now. :O