By Anonymous - 10/01/2011 08:25 - United States

Today, I heard my asshole neighbor had died of a stroke. I was outside and said, "Well it's about goddamn time!" I turned around to see his wife walking her dog and staring deep into my soul. FML
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ctlnaaia71 8

you r a f*cking asshole.

I hope people say that abput you when YOU die. That's a shitty thing to say. YDI.


ctlnaaia71 8

you r a f*cking asshole.

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jujustarr 0


lol ones less miserable bastard in the world. I'd be glad too!:). unfortunately his wife prolly wants you dead lol.

you have no soul.

Wow YDI !!! no matter how much of an asshole the person is, as long as they aren't like a murderer or rapists or something you shouldn't be glad that he died you asshole.

you must forgive thy enemies

You shouldn't go to sleep tonight.

25shark 5

I thought we'd established the neighbor was the f*cking asshole?

rdkorud13 0

you might want to lock the doors and windows js ha

KelseyLovesYouu 2

Deep into your soul? 0.o

That's pretty deep...

That's what she said!

How can she stare into something he doesn't have?

^ Where does it say OP is a ginger?

She got SOUL power!!

The Dahk Lohd's on fiyah today! 27 cute, but no

ahahahaha :p

Usually I don't find jokes like that funny, but you totally got me on this one #25, well played.

look who is talking 25, you ripped your soul into 7 prices and hid them.

RKftw 0

so? if your neighbor was such an asshole why don't you have the balls to tell his mourning wife?

Seanie 0


I hope people say that abput you when YOU die. That's a shitty thing to say. YDI.

juliaaalove 8

agreed:) no matter how mean or annoying, you should never wish death upon someone!

TheJimAubrey 0

Maybe YOU don't want to wish death upon someone, #109, but to be completely honest, if i'm wishing death upon someone that is a very light verdict. Wishing for someone's skin to be cut off and leaving them out in the middle of a snowy field, is more what people deserve in this day and age. Death wouldn't be so bad, cause you're completely unaware that you're dead if you die. You rot in a hole, end of discussion. I'm not sure that OP deserves it, nobody deserves uncanny timing.

You have put a frightening lot of thought into that.

was he your dad? is she your mom? right now she's wondering when her asshole neighbor is going to die

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What a fucking douche!!

Not gonna lie...I thought this was kinda funny.

MrBoredGuy 1

a lot of us did, don't sweat it

lolol_BKYCHO 3

Well, I think it's safe to say you deserved it. Oh, and why did the comments get disabled on that church fml?