By Anonymous - 29/12/2012 01:23 - Canada - Calgary

Today, after spending a lot of money on photo shoots to build up my portfolio, I finally got an offer from a modelling agency. I ran outside to tell my parents, only for my brother to hurl an iced snowball straight into my face. I now have a huge gash over my cheek and nose. FML
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You should return the favor....with rocks

FlamingTacos 7

Time to use A LOT of makeup there


FlamingTacos 7

Time to use A LOT of makeup there

kewlkate 9

It turns black and it looks even more disgusting. Bad idea.

Makeup over an open gash wouldn't be the most effective and god damn that would hurt! Sucks, OP! Better hope it doesn't scar.

It's destiny. Fate just doesn't want you to be a model

I would think that it's OP's brother and not fate...

It's fate that OP's brother would do that. :P

ABrokenHeart 11

What of by some weird chance the brother's name was Fate...

80skid 15

#2 She got an offer from a modeling agency. Date didn't cause this; the dick move from her brother did.

ur comment was buried, fate doesn't want it to be alive

awesomeman10 6

It would be fate if as she was running to tell her parents an icicle fell and hit her.

If you want to be critical... There are studies that suggest 'chance' is not real and that fate is real, or at least that everything is connected and nothing happens just by some random chance.

Lol, 126, no there is not any study suggesting fate is real...

Yup and her boyfriend is going to be so happy, he's going to give her '"hand lotion" when she wakes up..

15- Why use lotion when she has her mouth ?

I'm curious, do people not get the reference or is it just bad?

Oh stop being a wanker guys, were not strangers here! No need for lotion though, just a secondary sleepy conscience

Werken247 14

@15 some of us perv... um... intelligent people get the reference. As for the rest of them, just wet on the legs of their favorite chair.

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It puts the lotion on its skin. It does what it's told.

You should return the favor....with rocks

watermelon1 35

I'd probably kick my brother in his "iced snowballs" if he did that to me.

She can trick him by putting a rock inside the snowball, so he thinks it's not going to hurt and then.... Pow!! right in the kisser. Missing a tooth and crying like a baby.

Or she can throw a football at his nose. (that's a Brady Bunch reference)

roseB_fml 2

LOL I was just going to say 'oh, my nose!'

This comment will get thumbed down I suppose...

5 - that comment could be inserted for every FML ever made.

I would give him the beating of a lifetime.

Seriously, that is not something i would forgive, hit back hard!

There's always ****. It's basically the same thing except the guilt you feel after your career is over

klol_fml 11

Let's hope she doesn't get tricked to going on the 'Backroom casting couch' if she decides to go that route.

7-and the fact that you are having sex with many different people

#42 And the fact that she will need to wear depends after her career is over.

X_Codes 11

@45 - I am split between asking you to clarify and not at all wanting you to clarify. I mean... you DO realize that's a different hole, right?

88 needs to watch more **** and realize that in this place, every exit is also an entrance. Hurray for family guy references.

Yeah, cause smiling at a camera ...and having unprotected sex with a stranger in front of the camera are practically the same thing.

There goes your dreams, all crushed away, like being hit by a snowball on a weekday.

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That's so deep *wipes away fake tear*

itssjulia 13

My picture just makes my comment 10x better, doesn't it?

Get to a plastic surgeon immediately! They may be able to make it not as obvious. If not, many models make it with flaws.

#9: I'm not sure why your plastic-surgeon suggestion is being voted down -- it could actually help. When a friend fell and cut her face, the emergency room called in a plastic surgeon, who stitched her wound up very, very neatly; the resultant scar is all but invisible. While this wouldn't necessarily help for a photoshoot next week, it could very well make the cut heal more quickly and cleanly, which could help for a shoot in a month or three and certainly with a later modeling career. (It could help even if the wound was long enough ago that stitches would no longer help; a plastic surgeon could at least give available options.)

My comment was based on my own experience. While not a model, I too had a bad facial cut. I went to the ER where they got the best in-house plastic surgeon to stitch me up. You can barely see a scar.

CharresBarkrey 15

I thumbed this down before you edited it, my bad. And I only did so because you had just said "Get to a plastic surgeon," and I thought, "That's not going to heal OP any faster."

96- i was speaking like the medical professional I am. I forgot where I was.

CharresBarkrey 15

104 - You really shouldn't make assumptions like that, especially without knowing what my career is. Not to mention there is a trauma surgeon who frequently comments here.

143- I wasn't trying to insult you or anyone else. Sorry you took it that way.

theannak 7

Wait a week or two, so he forgets all about it. During the week or two, plan revenge. After he's forgotten about it, put your plans into action...

There is no better revenge then when they least expect it!

Caramel in the showerhead = sweet revenge. :3

I have not tried that one yet, thank you for the idea.. *Is becoming an evil lil puppy*

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roseB_fml 2
roseB_fml 2

I meant that for #84, though I found all of these funny.

Epicac in his soda laxatives in the chocolate and take him to his favorite movie with his crush ...

Nair in his shampoo. Poison ivy in his dresser.