By Vero - 17/05/2012 15:02 - Austria - Timelkam

Today, in an attempt to be romantic, my boyfriend threw little stones against my window. Unfortunately, the window wasn't closed, and I was standing in front of it. FML
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If it's not going to hurt the window, it's not going to hurt you.


Are you sure he was trying to be romantic?

...or just talk to you through the open window

I'm not gonna lie, I laughed at all three of these comments

Romeo and Juliet didn't text each other.

nofearjenshere 12

Romeo: Will thou please sendith me a nude?

Tali147 16

Juliet, will thou plz meeteth me @ yonder gate lol luv Romeo.

Romeo And Juliet wasn't romantic. Sure, the idea of it may be so, but the fact that it lasted three days ruins it.

77- We're reading the play in class right now and I could sure say differently..

I agree with 77. Two teenagers who've known each other less than a week and want to spend their lives together isn't romantic; it's every teenage relationship ever. The fact that they were willing to commit suicide doesn't make it any more romantic; it makes it emo.

agm77 9

77 & 82- Don't forget that beside two teenagers committing suicide, 4 other innocent people were killed because of their "romantic" 3 day relationship.

So you got hit by a little stone? You have a terribly hard life.

If it's not going to hurt the window, it's not going to hurt you.

There little stones as OP said, I'm sure they don't hurt that much

"little stones" I doubt that would've hurt.

Ferretface 13

Depends on how fast they're going. Bullets aren't all that large.

If he's able to throw little stones at mach speed, he probably would be a star and a special ops soldier.

Bullets are shot out of a gun. Unless this boyfriend was a transformer with a pistol as a hand I doubt he would've thrown it that hard since he most likely thought the window was closed and didn't want to break it.

Though, having a transformer boyfriend would be pretty sweet...

It's not that it "isn't his thing", he just made a simple accident. Loads of other people would make that mistake as well. Definitely including me.

They got your attention. Stop bitching

Should have flung it back down at him and say "Back at ya honey!" No? Okay.. .___.

Rock..... Rock..... HORSE! "is someone out there?" (huzzah for family guy refs!)

I like the thought. Maybe next time he can climb up the water pipe next to your window!

How would he screw that up *deep in thought

He won't, she might I'm thinking close the window as soon as he approaches claiming that some guy was throwing stones before!

Why would he be throwing stones if your standing there? Usually it's to get the persons attention but it seems like he's already gotten yours..

Gotta give him an "A" for effort right? Most people these days think romance is a nice text message.

I'd give him a "B" for effort. After all, where is the love song on guitar? And clearly he doesn't care about you, OP, or those rocks would've been diamonds.

Plus an 'A' for her keeping her windows nice and clean.

agm77 9

This isn't UC Santa Cruz...

C for lack of originality, and for the lack of boombox. boombox held high over his head... NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP,NEVER GONNA LET YOU DOWN, BUT I WILL THROW STONES AND THEY WILL HURT YOU!