By justinmdent - 24/11/2014 03:48 - United States - Excelsior Springs

Today, I helped a very large elderly man, who thanked me and tried to hand me a dollar bill. I kindly told him, "We are not allowed to accept tips from customers." His reply was, "You're going to take this fucking money," and shoved it in my pocket. I'm now being written up for it. FML
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llamarrama01 21

Who needs that job anyway. You have a ******* dollar!

drayloon 50


llamarrama01 21

Who needs that job anyway. You have a ******* dollar!

Yes, because OP can live off a dollar.

The lack of understanding of sarcasm runs deep on this site.

At last, we can retire and give up this life of crime.

This comment is made soooo much better because I imagined Dean saying it. Profile picture and comment win!

And maybe that guy meant "******* money" the other way. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Shut up you. It wasn't meant to be taken seriously!

Well you got a dollar OP. Was that worth getting written up? No. But you got a dollar!

If he got written up, I am also assuming they confiscated the dollar :

SystemofaBlink41 27

That'd be very hilariously low... Like "No dollar for you, OP!"

Ima have to confiscate that dollar. I'm kind of hungry anyways

drayloon 50

He could of taken it and told his boss he was going to donate it to charity.

That makes a lot of cents.(hehehehehhehehehehehehe)

Actually, if OP loses their job, that might be one of the most expensive dollars ever.

ileenefudge 29

Well, that was rude of him. Even if he was trying to be generous, he definitely didn't do it the right way. He was disrespectful for shoving the money in your pocket like that after he was told it couldn't be accepted. It's unfair for you to get written up if you explained the what happened to your boss, even though with some just can't win.

Exactly! and try to get some photo or video evidence as well! most places gave it.

When my mom and I try to tip someone that isn't allowed to accept tips we crumple up the money and throw it on the ground/in the cart. That way they just found some money. It wasn't a tip from a customer.

As a nurse, I'm not allowed to accept tips either. But sometimes the patient will get so worked up by a refusal I take it. I then hand it in to my boss who puts it into the floor charity fund. The patient gave a tip and I didn't keep it. Problem solved. All businesses should have something like this for people who don't take no for an answer.

HJKM_fml 19

That's actually a really clever idea.

juststephhere 23

Well it was probably caught on security, if you're getting in huge amounts of trouble just ask to see

nataliewby 25

I'm curious as to why you aren't allowed to accept tips?

I'm assuming that it isn't a place like a restaurant to begin with. It might be a job at, for example, an electronics store where you aren't allowed money directly from customers (i.e a tip).

Kryptonites1 16

See in some work places you're not allowed to accept tips. Ex, Where I work we cannot accept tips, I work at Starbucks inside a Target. Since we're not corporal we can't accept tips unlike the corporal starbucks. When people try to give us tips we can't accept it, but we can accept compliments lol Most of our customers just pretend they left there change and walk away, we keep there change inside our registers and hand them back to a customer as there change. Overall some places just cannot accept tips. sadly..

When I worked in retail, you weren't allowed money on you as it could look like you had stolen it from the till.

suckmydemon 12

I work as a host an a restaurant and our hourly wages are higher than the servers and bartenders. We don't get tip outs and we're not allowed to accept tips. Some people are pushy, though

cryssycakesx3 22

if you make an actual wage, you aren't to accept tips, I was told because of tax purposes.

Did you explain to your manager?! I'm sure he/she would have been understanding!

InfiniteSecret 20

Nope, some places aren't understanding, they are strict with rules even if you tried to follow them. You are punished for things that aren't your fault, like this FML

That seems like a hell of a lot of bullshit from a dollar bill.