By Anonymous - 13/04/2012 09:43 - Canada

Today, I went to pick a penny off of the ground for good luck. Someone kneed me in the butt, I fell face first and broke my glasses. FML
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it must not have been heads up...

scenechic 5

Happy Friday Thee 13th.


Don't worry I'm really unlucky too... Happens to everyone! :)

A similar thing happened to me. I found $50 on the floor at a nightclub. I picked it up, and as I was getting up someone walked into me, causing me to drop my phone and shattering the screen... Which cost $120

Lucky friday 13th!

No, no it doesn't happen to everyone. Most people would assess the situation and determine that when there are people walking behind you, you don't stop to pick up a penny.

I'm just saying that it happens to a lot of people and a lot of shit happens to me... :/

Well 28, you don't represent 'a lot of people'. Unless you're hella fat, and your weight counts for 'a lot of pwople'

X_Codes 11

@28: You can actually, mathematically show that the time it takes to pick up a penny is not worth 1 cent.

Sorry I spoke... :/

She's just saying she's unlucky in general. Calm down, people.

snator 0

Luck of friday 13

Douchebag Alert!

Clozzie 0

Today i actually saw a penny on the floor but decided not to pick it up AND i wear glasses.

it must not have been heads up...

To OP's dismay they unfortunately they fell head first into the pavement.

I apologize for the improper grammatical structure of my comment. I didn't know I was stating my PhD thesis.

It wasn't the grammar your comment just sucked.

DEzey 0

Maybe he was Jewish.

scenechic 5

Happy Friday Thee 13th.

At least your penny can contribute to buying some new glasses!

I was going to go cut the lawn but I don't know anymore, I could get something cut off. :-/

thejewishfuhrer 17

Happy Friday thee 13th to you too!

Well. Least ya still got ur penny?

Yeah Op also got a "corndog" (knee up the butt) that's what I call it,

kshafer08 7

I would have Got up and punched them in the throat...

Anger issues?

Dude your mustache is huge.

It's like dropping the soap in prison. Just not in prison....

or dropping soap..

iseyixes 18

Better to break your glasses instead of your nose or teeth. Silver lining?

How did it make you feel? A penny for your thoughts. I'd recommend picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and laughing about the whole thing. But that's just my two cents.

0die 0

A penny for your thoughts, but a dollar for your insights. Oh, a fortune for your disaster.

wlddog 14

A penny isn't worth picking up.

^ To a homeless person it is.

I pick up pennies off the floor because the word "God" is on it.

#30 -- actually a penny is worth picking up. I pick up any and all coins I see on the ground, put them in a jar at home and every year, the week before Christmas I cash them in. Last year I got $116 bucks, most of it in pennies. So, it's worth it!

maybe thats why the last person dropped the penny

You must of picked the penny tales up, that's bad luck.

Yeah, because the penny tales aren't very exciting. :P