By Sanchez - 07/01/2010 17:22 - United States

Today, the doctor told me that I have Vasovagal Syncope: I pass out every time I get aroused. Bye bye sex. FML
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that I terrible!! **** your life indeed!!

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Don't they have medicine for that? fyl


that I terrible!! **** your life indeed!!

I have it to, so much blood rushes into my ginormous never to use penis, I simply start feeling bad....I'm not kidding

Well goodbye life hello suicide. :) No but actually don't I would hate myself if somebody actually took my idiotic fake advice.

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If I had that... I'd probobly kill myself in the most bad ass way possible.... not saying you should though... thats just me.

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Don't they have medicine for that? fyl

Vasovagal attacks don't have a cure, I get them when I stretch and my only hope is to grow out of it :(

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oh my...thats sucks. there must be meds for that

This is one the first true FMLs I've seen on this site in weeks. By true I mean a real FML because I have no way to tell whether this is true or false but will give the OP the (unfortunate) benefit of doubt here.

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fyl...but it's only temporary...youre blood pressure is too low. if you do pass out, just have your partner lie you flat on your back and you'll immediately wake up. it isn't too serious as long as you don't drive and become excited

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if you're right, then there shouldn't be a problem, as long as thier partner like to be on top

I can't tell if OP is male or female since I'm on my iPod, but if you're a male, all your blood must rush down there and you pass out lol.