By Lucy - 21/07/2012 07:40 - United States - La Mesa

Today, I finally had sex with the guy I've been in love with for the past two years. Five minutes in, he passed out on top of me from a pain pill overdose and had a mini seizure. He finally woke up and groans, "Those bastards! They confiscated my clothes!" FML
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Starts having a mini seizure? My dear, are you sure he wasn't just finishing?

I highly doubt it. A majority of parents don't allow their child's name to be Dumbfuck.


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Maybe they shouldn't confiscate clothes and we would be alright

Love is a wonderful thing, isn't it?

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I don't think pain pills were the only things he took

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Really?? No one confiscated his clothes!! He was in the middle of sex so was most likely naked when he had his seizure.

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70 sure you're not a blonde? -in reference to her profile pic-

I agree! #1 didn't get what was happening

He passed out and had a seizure because of an overdose on pills and you didn't take him to a hospital? You are a stupid bitch.

Starts having a mini seizure? My dear, are you sure he wasn't just finishing?

I highly doubt it. A majority of parents don't allow their child's name to be Dumbfuck.

People have named their kids worse things, i wouldn't be surprised

43 - true. then again, there are 4 people in America whose names are Herp Derp. with that, I'm guessing anything is possible

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Actually, it is considered child abuse to name a child anything offensive or that could be interpreted as such. They may have court processions and all that. Generally the child just gets a name change.

KBeatz's profile pic makes his comment just that much better

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69- I think that your like the 1000th person to say this. Im sure it is something we all realize now. When a profile picture goes with the comment. So thank you 69. Thank you.

69- thanks, I guess I should comment on your profile picture, but actually I just find it rather... Disturbing.

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Everything I see about KBeatz makes me wanna read it in a fancy voice in my head

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43 - My rival in Pokemon: his parents were an exception.

Didn't you notice the signs that he'd taken so many pain pills?? There would have been symptoms before he passed out...

Well since they were having sex, it probably would have been harder to tell.

Well seeing as they were only 5 minutes in, the symptoms would have been showing BEFORE the sex started

25- true, but it never says when he took the pills, so we'll never know..

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5 minutes in? Is that 4 minutes 30 seconds after he was done? Or is that just me

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My uncle is addicted to pain pills and the only sign he showed before he passed out was the process of falling down.

Man I wish overdosing on pain pills gives me the ability to action dive and shoot people in slow-motion. Then again, I have been playin too much Max Payne 3...

Or thats when you help him and make sure he's okay.

If you don't wanna get laid. Then yeah, run!

Bad when it was happening was it good that's the real question.

Where did you find that picture cause I think it's amazing

Have you ever heard of punctuation marks?

Did you attempt to get help while he was having said seizure? I know there's a 300 character limit, but there is no indication in the FML that you did. That aside, you should probably make sure he isn't O-Ding on medication from this point on. This could've ended a lot worse if you weren't there.

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Maybe she likes the rythm of those muscle spasms? Sounds like a freaky, but dangerous fetish to me.

In some areas, him being that messed up on meds takes away his ability to consent and turns it into rape if he decides he regrets the whole situation.

Sorry OP, but he probably doesn't even remember the experience if he's on so many meds. Cheer up, you'll find someone who hopefully won't yell at you for stealing his clothes.

Are my eyes deceiving me? Is an overused meme actually getting thumbed up on FML? I may have just lost my last shred of hope in the FML community.