By Mic - United States
Today, I was going over some paperwork with my back to my office door. As I turn around, my boss enters and says my name loudly. I was startled so bad that I jumped, yelped, and a high-pitched fart snuck out. Everyone in the office now gives prior notice before dropping by the "fart guy's" office. FML
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  wh4t3v3R  |  0

Where do you work #1? I work for a large, respected defense contractor with business dress enforced, where we would totally name someone "fart guy"

  Hoopachi  |  19

Put yourself in OP's position. You're intently working, doing your job and not completely aware of your surroundings. Your boss yells your name loudly. At the very least your heart would sink due to the sudden loud noise and calling of your name.