By Anonymous - 06/01/2012 20:36 - Mexico

Today, my blanket got caught on my nose ring and it took my boyfriend over an hour to get it free. Afterwards, he admitted he was trying not to laugh because it reminded him of a bullfight. FML
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It took you both a whole hour to get it untangled?


dan13mey 0

It took you both a whole hour to get it untangled?

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That's why we shouldn't put jewelry in our noses kids

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Was it so tangled that you couldn't even just take it out? An hour either seems like an exaggeration, or a really weird kind of blanket.

Noses kids??? Do you mean Kid's noses? I'm pretty sure noses kids would be boogers.. ._.

He meant "noses, kids" as in he was addressing the kids, saying, "Kids, don't put jewelery on your noses."

desireev 17

Ouch!! I hear nose piercings hurt badly anyway.. Something to laugh about later though. :) FYL

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Just like 1 second when the needle goes thru.. Nothing out of this world ;)

ShroomsOnAcid 16

27, For me, my nostril hurt the most. There's a shitload of nerve endings there, and it's impossible to avoid them. Septum piercings, on the other hand, can be virtually painless if you find the sweet spot. Everyone's perception of pain varies, including their individual sensitivity level of the area in question, and tolerance of pain in general. Add to that the competency of the piercer and size of the needle, and you can end up with radically different piercing experiences. That's why the question "Will it hurt?" is a tad pointless.

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As a child I thought having a nose ring would be pretty bitchin' so I took a regular starter earring with a sharp end and literally screwed it into my nose. Took about two hours & I ended up having to take it out an hour later when my parents saw it but it didn't hurt. Like you said, everyone is different. My septum never hurt either but because of the nerves and such my eyes watered up in response. God I was dimwitted.

My nostril barely hurt. It stung a bit and my eyes watered. One of my least painful piercings honestl, but my pain tolerance is pretty high. I've had in a hoop and a stud in my nose, so I know this is hyperbole to the extreme, an hour. Honestly you could have taken the jewelry out, or cut the part of the blanket that was holding it.

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You were caught in some bullshit op

A100893 30

That sounds painful. Never getting my nose pierced. *shudders*

I have mine pierced it doesn't hurt too bad...however I've never had it caught on a blanket...

it hurts like a bitch, trust me,i've been there!

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This should be a red-flag to not let nosy people hear this bullshit.

Must be a huge nose ring, I'm sure it's been caught on many things before if it happened with a blanket haha. You're lucky it didn't get ripped out lol

ninjuh_wingman 29

Im frankly amazed that you guys spent over an hour doing this.