By Boob - United Kingdom
Today, for my art project, I spent hours painting my whole body in black spots with acrylic paint. I then went and stood outside in the snow, naked, so I could take pictures of it. Only then to find out the camera was out of batteries. FML
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By  Etherial  |  0

What I want to know is how did you reach those extremely hard-to-get spots like say.. the top of your bum?

Or better yet.. How did you do ANY of it without messing up what's already been done? For example, if you did one arm, wouldn't that arm get messed as you tried to do the other?

Tsk tsk...

I think this was a failure before it even began.

  iSwag  |  0

Art is Art.

Everything is some form of Art. Somebody designed the iPhone...therefore it is Art.

If there is an artist(someone responsible for the design) then it is Art. People that think something has to look and be a certain way to be Art don't really know what Art is.


I think it's pretty much certain that the school didn't actually assign that exact task - they'd have assigned a more general art project and the OP will have decided that she wants to do this for the project.

  Boddmon  |  0

To publicly display yourself naked?
Yeah pretty sure its illegal.

unless she's got a front or backyard that's covered off so that neighbors can't see wherever she is doing this.

  Sappheyes  |  0

I believe there's a catch with that. Whatever you can see from the pubic street is considered public viewing, so being nude in front of your front windows may be indecent exposure. However, your backyard is private property, and as long as it isn't clearly visible from public property, or you at least make reasonable efforts to conceal it from public eye, I believe that in most places it's legal to be nude in your backyard.

So, a related tip: when having a houseparty, try to confine any outdoor activity to the backyard, never in the front, and keep your front blinds drawn.

  DI7789  |  0

Try to remember this is the UK. We have different laws to the US. That said, standing in your yard in the snow naked sounds like an arrestable offence, but it really depends where her house is located, and whether your yard is within view of a main road or pedestrians. Not only that, it sounds like an excellent way to catch your death.