By amanda - 23/07/2013 05:17 - United States - Lafayette

Today, my doctor told me that I suffer from orgasm migraines. Basically, I get an intense migraine that lasts for hours after I have an orgasm. FML
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Unfortunately, you can't be pleasured without extra pain.. You have my condolences

"Not tonight dear, I'm going to have a headache."


Unfortunately, you can't be pleasured without extra pain.. You have my condolences

Fool your mind as well as your partner; fake it!

To help out OP a little I can relate. I have had these before and it isn't a chronic thing. Just wait about a week before going at it again and it should clear up. Try exercising and eating well it usually helps. Also drink lots of water. DocBastard where are you when we need you!

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I just don't think I would see the point to anything. You poor thing

Get the **** out you piece of shit stoner!

**** tge **** off, Cannabid has been proven to do more good than bad. Make it into tea before hand it will relieve pain, its better than taking a bunch of pills from a lab. Just dont plan to drive after. P.S. to all the haters, cannabis is a prescribed medication for most pain related illnesses... Like T-3's or percasetd or Morphine. Its only illegal because they can't tax it.

It can not be legally prescribed in all states. Even if its legal in your state it's still against federal law you can still go to jail over it piece of shit stoner? Lol someone's had a bad experience

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if only the ****** lasted that long, it may be worth it

Actually in some states it is legal for medical purposes. Your doctor gives you a prescription that you keep on you, kinda like a license. You use it at dispensaries and they even give it to you in medical pill bottles. I have a few friends who have used it during cancer treatment. It has been proven to help with migraines, cancer treatment, and many other things.So please do your research before resorting to name calling.

That's the most depressing thing I've ever heard :(

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Remember that bloke who was allergic to bacon..ya that was depressing

But it hurts so good! All jokes aside though, that really does suck.

Migraine medicine should be sufficient. Usually pain killers make it harder for you to ******.

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For most migraines medication doesn't help :/

Wow, I say you don't take the risk.. Or you could try it slowly at first and then you'll eventually get used to it and you can take it from there :)

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One does not simply get used to migraines.

As someone who gets them from atmospheric pressure, this. You just take painkillers and try to lie still in a dark room until it goes away.

It seem you never had migraine or saw someone having one. Try to get use to the worst headache, the pain x 1000.

"Not tonight dear, I'm going to have a headache."

But you're always going to have a headache!

More like: not tonight dear, I don't have a headache yet, let's keep it that way.

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**** your life, but not too hard.

The infamous orgasmic thunderclap. Im very sorry.

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Take a headache pill before sex and get a second opinion

Taking medication before sex can actually make it a lot harder, if not impossible to ******. I unfortunately know from experience. I concur with the second opinion for a treatment plan.

That really sucks. But atleast you can have orgasms, not everyone can.

I sorta feel even worse for those people.