Trial and mainly error

By unlucky - 13/11/2011 05:19 - United States

Today, I have done enough trials to confirm that I puke after each time I have sex. FML
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doesn't matter had sex

dookiedoo 0

How does one volunteer to participate in such trials?


doesn't matter had sex

indielove 13

At least you're not puking during sex.

armyofficerwife 0

Still counts!!!

Odd. I wonder what causes that.

Stop swallowing.

Could be a cardiac condition like an arrhythmia. A sensation of pressure in your chest and/or throat may make you throw up after "exercise."

Must be having sex when drunk.

Kinky puke fetish anyone?

Having sex with a pile of manure would probably make most people puke.

I love the Lonely Island but posting "Doesn't matter, had sex" EVERY time someone posts a sex FML is getting really old. Find some better material.

56 - deal with it

Ease up on the crazy radio sex, cowboy.

Think she might have been a racist

Mayjay122 7

oh thats naaaaasty

everett0826 0

Damn straight.

kickassnumerouno 0

45: yes! SuperHorny after puking.

This is what I figured. OP either needs to gain weight, lose weight, or see a doctor before s/he ends up dead on top of a hooker.

dookiedoo 0

How does one volunteer to participate in such trials?

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leadman1989 15

I'm sorry these are closed... but I'm glad to inform you that the contract you signed has Gaea teed you a spot in the aperture sicence trial. *tries to run *trap door opens And remember there's cake at the end. :)

leadman1989 15

Meant guaranteed

rayne2021 5

meant science?

leadman1989 15

Lol, yeah when i went back to proof read I kinda stopped at Gaea teed and went WHAT THE F? Ruined a decent one with my terrible grammar. :(

geracam10 3

You have 69 likes haha. I didnt like it just so it would stay so

Not immature but rather useless

kittykat1501 31

They did the trials to themselves. Duh

torikushi 7

At least you had sex.

Sex is only good when you take your vitamins! Stop by my pharmacy I might have some.

Probably out of shape, sex is strenuous activity

maybe op throws up cause the sex sucks so much

DoorMatCat 3

it could be worse. they could puke DURING sex.

kickassnumerouno 0

Hey, look, it's Hitler!

Well, I like turtles.

sunsetsbetween56 3

You should probably bring you "findings" to your PCP.

lazy_ella 7

Go and see a doctor

I wonder if that's the same for masturbation?

Mister_Triangle 21

Pics or it's not a real scientific trial

Sex or oral sex? I think it's your reflex that is playing up.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

Some people are into after sex pukes. Its like an after sex cigg accept instead of getting lung cancer you just become depressed. So....pretty much the same thing. Good Luck!

audiophileMom 11

If OP is female she should get a smaller partner.

imcutefml 0

Or if they are gay...

Mister_Triangle 21

I'm available! (if OP's female, that is)