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By  Logical07  |  16

What the hell is wrong with them? They better shut the door, it's fucking disgusting. If they won't I would spread this shit to every relative alive embarrassing the two as much as possible. wtf

  Logical07  |  16

This is sick indeed I'm not even joking. Should be also illegal since it's plain obscene, if the son is a minor it's even fucking worst. I wouldn't hesitate to got someone in a very shitty legal trouble for this kind of fucked up behavior.

  Badkarma4u  |  17

Yeah but if it's your parents, you might just talk yourself and your younger siblings right into foster care. Damned if you do damned if you don't. FYL OP.

  Logical07  |  16

No, that's not my parents, I would have slammed the fucking door so hard they would have been scared shitless or at least in a very bad mood for proceeding in their disturbing show. I would have exposed them with the relatives, then talked about this with other people too and as last resort something like that.

In any case it's totally fair for a kid to be preserved by mentally issued parents if shit gets very deep and even dangerous. In case the parents are just big idiots but not utterly insane, I think the threat to get in trouble should be enough to "convince" them to stop it and do their things privately as it's fucking expected from any decent parent.