By mikeycoco - 20/05/2011 14:39

Today, I got motion sickness while having sex. FML
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hey_its_kristi 0

were you on a waterbed?

if your a girl Its ok you get thrown around alot during sex


hey_its_kristi 0

were you on a waterbed?

Probably a car or something... weird.

juicedboi 7

At least you have some kind of motion in the ocean..

at least there was enough movement going on for some sort of dizziness to occur!

PurpleRae420 0

I'm wonderin what position you were doing lol

Hope you didn't puke on her, that's your dick's job.

its not the size of the boat its the motion of the ocean

must of been a bump ride

oboewhore_xD 6

Boat sex?

haha fyl how r going to have sex ever???

Takador 3

That ride ain't for you then :)

if your a girl Its ok you get thrown around alot during sex

Not if she's a huge girl ...

Hey now, I didn't say they can't be loved like that... it's just harder to get thrown around is all. The haters must be the big women

22cute 17

Woman on's a great movie about just that.

LOL! That's funny! That isn't too bad, just use a different position.

or you can try 96, just like 69 but instead, you rub your butts against each other's heads

god... I was wondering how long that would take to make it's way onto fml.

Spit on my phone reading the post

Sex in a moving vehicle, OP?

did you use the vomit bag provided by the airline?

op is now a member of the mile high club

Yes, thank you Sherlock. That was the joke.

Never have sex on a plane then..

looks like they've had it with my muthafuckin' snake on this muthafuckin' plane. |the kid|

Clouded_Rhino 0


FreebirdIII 1

But sex in a roller coaster is awesome.

Zombie65 0

ok but the roller coaster ride is way to short of time

Fiskerz 0

for a girl maybe! :p

And the pictures are just awkward.

frostymug18 1

depends on who's riding

At first I read that as "Butt sex on a rollercoaster I'd awesome"

I mean "is" not "I'd"

Must've been a bumpy ride....LOL

sounds like you should stop trying the merry go round then