By Anonymous - 23/08/2009 23:00 - United States

Today, my son hit my husband's shop-vac while pulling into the garage too fast. He was grounded for 3 days. Later, while trying to demonstrate how to park safely, I hit my husband in his happy sacks with the mirror. FML
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YDI for using the phrase "happy sacks"

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YDI for grounding your son for something that could have happened to anybody.


conan6 0

YDI for using the phrase "happy sacks"

no1askdu 5

yeah i know, who uses that terminology anyways.... but i bet they wernt so happy after that incident.


#2 I was thinking the same thing.

He has more than one sack?

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well i hope you were grounded as well

YDI for blowing up Hiroshima

Please don't message me.

lmfaaao. i think that phrase is actually kinda funny, happy sacks :)

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That's exactly what I was gonna say.

tip for the OP. don't say happy sacks or happy sack. u sound ruhtarded. call them balls or something

how tall is your husband that the mirror reaches his happy sack or is it a little car

#202 - I love the irony on this website, don't you? "u sound ruhtarded. call them balls or something"

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Happy sacks......?

WTF are happy sacks? You have one sack, and two nuts.

She shouldn't have gotten cocky.

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#103 win

Two for S&M, please. Happy punishing. (;

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I guess it runs in the family.

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What is a shop-vac? Also, if you are driving a car how can you hit your husband in his "happy-sack" without fully running his whole body over?

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That's what I thought... How was she showing him how to park?

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rofl 31 yes. v true

wow! thank you so much for !!!! I'm going to spam that on yahoo answers! hehe

you don't know what a shop vac is? you need to get out more lol

Yeah, I think it's the husbands can you get hit THERE with a CAR MIRROR without getting ACTUALLY run over?

KrazyKatz3 26

You know the way at the side of the car there are mirrors that stick out around crotch level. Now this is just my guess seeing as the OP said with the mirror. But maybe the side mirror hit him in the nuts?

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YDI for grounding your son for something that could have happened to anybody.

Quote for fucking Truth

Hey what's up SunlightVeins? Long time no see. I remember you from some argument about peoples grammar.

Aw yeah, 'cause "THIS IS HOW WE DO IT."

how the hell does that happen? already seen a bunch of these YDI

This makes no sense...did you park safely and then jump out of the car and punch his happy sacks? Did you simply bump into them? Or are happy sacks not what we are all thinking at all?

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the side mirror hit them

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Happy sacks?

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YDI for driving while female. Also, how the hell do you hit your husband in the balls while driving, Like you would hit his whole waist.