By nice one - 14/07/2013 17:51 - United States - Athens

Today, I got home from a week-long vacation with my friend's family. When I got back home, I found the garage door had been completely demolished. My uncontrollably drunk dad blamed me. I don't even drive. FML
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I bet he drove you crazy.

Naaa. People only post things they're happy about on this site.


Naaa. People only post things they're happy about on this site.

cmath_fml 19

There's a button for that, you know? It saves you making unnecessary comments!

zed34 18

Sounds like someone is guilty

Of course someone is. It's not like the garage demolished itself.... Did it?

Damn, I love your sarcasm!

I bet he drove you crazy.

It sounds like she's having daddy issues...

jw90 18

Guilty conscience?

He just doesn't want to be blamed for something he didn't do...

my dad and your dad would get along great!

My dad too! And we shall dub them the Drunks and officiate them into the Drunk Daddy Club. Sorry about that OP, but I hope he sees the error of his ways soon enough and quits.

Allennis44 16

This is incredibly depressing...

Well, years of it go by and ya kinda get used to it. At least my dad has the greatest drunk personality Iv'e seen to date.

just wait till he's sober...

olpally 32

What a dick. He needs help it seems like.. Good luck.

Yeah... Maybe he'll think differently in the morning. Bc that's just stupid.

I am your dad your argument is invalid

When he sobers up give him his price for being a complete douchebag: the bill for repairs.