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Today, my son thought he'd take my new car for a drive without permission. He accelerated straight into a tree, reversed into a lamppost and then accelerated again into the neighbours car. FML
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Hellooo military school! Sounds like either you have a very angry young man on your hands or he has little/no respect for you and your things. Either way I would suggest immediate action on your behalf to correct this behaviour lest he start a bonfire with your clothes next... while they are still in your cupboard.


was it in a shop's parking lot? because i saw the exaxt same thing on youtube ;)

no #40, a shop's parking lot most likely does not contain a tree or the neighbor's car

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Same here trick :D not only does your son fail,you fail. your cars ****** up what are you gonna do now.

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lol sorry its funny, you should hide the keys

Uh oh! Comment police, everybody look out!

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Doesn't look like it. However, it IS related to the FML, unlike both of your comments. So yeah. Just sayin'.

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I wish people would stop submitting fake FML's.

I'm going to assume you're a troll since it's fairly well known that this does indeed happen from time to time.

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I took my dad's car out when I was 15... And I live in Leeds, too :D

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I thought orphans were kids who's parents had passed. Are you saying OP should kill herself?

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Spanking tiem nao? No more cell phone, television, or going out. :p Also tell him I say he sucks.

Hellooo military school! Sounds like either you have a very angry young man on your hands or he has little/no respect for you and your things. Either way I would suggest immediate action on your behalf to correct this behaviour lest he start a bonfire with your clothes next... while they are still in your cupboard.

I feel like your a complete and total idiot!!!! ******* hitting the kid and causing physical pain will cause him to hate his parent. It will also cause him to have emotional troubles all of his life. He will see his parents as basically the reason he is in pain. Nothing should provoke physical or emotional abuse. Not even the stunt this kid pulled. Technically it was the parent's fault for not hiding the keys well enough and not paying attention. She was even more stupid if she let the kid take the car out! OP!!! YDI for being a complete and total DUMBASS!!!

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'technically its the parents fault for not hiding the keys well enough.' What the **** is your problem? If my kid did that to my NEW car, I wouldn't spank them like a pussy, I would ******* hit them. Causing thousands of dollars worth of damage is reason enough to cause physical pain. If someone did that to my car, I would do a lot more than just hit them. Hitting children does not cause. How is this the OPs fault? it clearly says they took it without permission. How does that make the OP a dumbass? they didn't hide the keys? I don't ******* hide my keys, I don't let anyone drive my car. I am 17 and worked my ******* ass off to buy my car, and everyone knows it. If my brother got it in a wreck or something, even if it wasn't his fault, I would beat the shit out of him. So do us all a favor, and shut the **** up

#87, You are the dumbass here. If kids are not properly disciplined, they'll never learn anything. If you let a child misbehave, without proper discipline, he/she, will continue misbehaving. Without proper discipline from a young age, you'll likely end up with a child who's been expelled from school, and in juvie, for whatever offenses. I'm going to assume by the context, and just how inaccurate your post is, that you're probably an immature little 12-15 year old, and haven't ever had to deal with children of your own. I've got my own siblings to look at, as well as families who live in my neighborhood, where the older kids have been properly disciplined from a young age, are a lot mature, and better behaved, the younger ones, who've been allowed to do whatever they want, whenever they want, and only given a simple time out, or talking to, as a punishment, misbehave a hell of a lot more, down to a 11 year old boy, who still throws tantrums. The deal here, is knowing when to draw the line, before "discipline" becomes abuse. Discipline, is one hundred percent needed, when a child acts out, and WILL NOT, cause emotional trauma. Abuse however will. Abuse is hitting them for no apparent reason, prohibiting them from doing anything, or owning any personal possessions, and confiscating their belongings for no reason, mentally berating them, and dragging their self esteem down, for no reason, and obviously sexual abuse. THAT, will cause mental trauma. Proper punishment, when they act out of line, and know it,will benefit them in the long run, even if they can't see it while young, when they mature mentally, they will. Children should ONLY ever be punished, when they've misbehaved, and fitting for the level of what they've done. In the case of the OP here, yes her son deserves a good spanking, talking to, and grounding. It's part of life, facing the consequences and penalties for what we've done. As a child, whenever I pulled shit, I'd get spanked, and sent to my room. Yea I hated it then, but now that I'm older, I've realized two things here, I deserved every one, and two, I'd have never learned any lessons, without them.

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Wow, and you expect me to not think that you're some immature 12-15 year old? You don't even understand proper grammar (hint: you, have, way, too, many, commas, in, your, post). By, the, way, the, response, to, which, the, person, you, replied, to, replied, to, used, the, term, "epic, spanking." That, is, not, the, same, as, a, swat, on, the, ass, or, grounding, a, kid, for, 6, months, or, making, him, do, chores, for, $2, an, hour, until, he, pays, for, the, damage. THAT IS ABUSE! *sigh* stupid 12-15-year-olds.

Okay seriously, if you're going to flame someone for grammar, try to use proper grammar yourself. It just makes yourself look more lame, if you use worse grammar then the person you're flaming, whether it's intentional or not. As for the "epic" versus normal spanking thing, there's hardly no difference, and if her son took her car, and crashed it, he deserves serious punishment, that will make him remember.

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It's called sarcasm, dumbass. Notice my first two sentences. Look at the post above yours and tell me there's no differene between swatting a kid on the ass and other forms of physical punishment. As a Poli Sci major, I know that in my state, physical punishment is considered CHILD ABUSE if the child is left with any marks. PERIOD. 5+ spankings are going to leave marks.

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I don't think a spanking will work in this case. A week or two at military school without telling him he is going to come home will fix the little shit. If I did this I would be living with my drill sargent uncle for the rest of the year working to pay for the damage. I think the kid should pay for the car, and be grounded until he pays for the damage. It would be better than going to jail, which he will in the real world when he gets out and still has these behavioral problems.

you should maybe hide the gearbox somehow.. lala.. I'm having a blond moment today!!