By flustered - / Sunday 6 May 2012 14:57 / United States - Rapid City
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By  Angelo_Davanzo  |  0

Why didnt you stop after the first time?


I love all the idiots above commenting on reading, when they can't. #1's question is vallad. You idiots the op said holeS and dentS as in more then one. So why didn't the op stop his son after the first attempt? Unless he's like the morons above who would just watch, according to their comments.


If you master the art of the Shaolin, you'll be able to catch the fly's legs in your fingers without harming it, then release it in the apartments of those who threaten the Shaolin way.


Today, after being forced to take my little sister trick-or-treating, we had the cops called on us twice. She thought it would be funny to tell all the people giving out candy that I'd been following her around and that she had no idea who I was, and that she was scared of me. FML

By PumaPounce - / Saturday 2 November 2013 04:50 / United States - Butler

Today, I put my 3 year old down for her regular nap. About an hour later I wake up from a dream where I was smelling something awful. When I woke up, the smell was still there, so I tracked it down. My daughter had decided to "fingerpaint" with the contents of a dirty diaper. FML

By cgregg01 - / Wednesday 3 June 2009 05:11 / United States
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