By flustered - 06/05/2012 14:57 - United States - Rapid City

Today, my son tried to swat a fly with a hammer. Our apartment walls are now littered with dents and holes. FML
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If he had actually managed to kill it I would be impressed. I can barely get those things with a fly swatter


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Why didnt you stop after the first time?

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This is the second time this happens

Angelo has reading comprehension problems.

Maybe #1 was so excited to be first he forgot to clarify. Perhaps he meant to say, "why didn't you stop him after the first time?"

Number 1's picture fits perfectly with his comment... He doesn't know what he's talking about.

He probably can't even spell WTF...

I love all the idiots above commenting on reading, when they can't. #1's question is vallad. You idiots the op said holeS and dentS as in more then one. So why didn't the op stop his son after the first attempt? Unless he's like the morons above who would just watch, according to their comments.

Reading the replies are to #1 are making me lol.

#134, maybe OP wasn't home at the time. It's difficult to stop your kid from smashing up the house if you're not around, in my opinion

Idonebeenhad 17

I smashed the truck's windshield "swatting flies" when I was mad. DERP

He's not an idiot. He's just a Thor wanna-be.

I moderated this FML, and the original specified that the son was both young and severely autistic. ...The more you know!

Hey, now, I often confuse flyswatters and hammers! Explains why it took so long for me to build my house.

Yeah the son should get screened for trisomy-21 before something else like this happens.

I believe OP's son is one of the Marvel Heroes, to have left dents in the wall from trying to swat a fly.

Maybe you shouldnt have dropped him as a child

nadnerbz 6

If he had actually managed to kill it I would be impressed. I can barely get those things with a fly swatter

Hell... I can't even get those things with a book. Tear =.(

If you master the art of the Shaolin, you'll be able to catch the fly's legs in your fingers without harming it, then release it in the apartments of those who threaten the Shaolin way.

Only real men use a hammer to swat away flies

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Really? I snipe them off of sandwiches (I live across the street from a Subway) from my balcony. With a slingshot.

I think the real question is "is it dead?"

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I'm pretty sure that if a fly were to be hit with a hammer it would die.

Is it still dead then? There are plenty of movies about dead thing no longer being dead and attacking.

You may need to discuss with your son the difference between a flyswatter and a hammer.

This is off topic but I laughed too hard at your picture. I love ika chan

He takes the trouble to redecorate for you and all you do is complain.

Wooo! Real life whack-a-mole! Errr... Whack-a-fly?

You better get to work with the patches, spackle, and paint.