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Today, I let my son take my car out for a spin, since he just got his licence. He didn't make it out of our street before totaling it. FML
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And this is why auto insurance rates for teenagers are so much higher than for adults. Because, in general, they're idiots.

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I hope he at least isn't hurt?! Sorry OP, you can always replace a car.


imtooshy 18

I hope he at least isn't hurt?! Sorry OP, you can always replace a car.

Well at least hope your son is safe and that your insurance can cover for it

Op why would you trust a new driver to drive on their own? When I got my license either my parents or older brother sat with me for the first month to get some more experience.

Thats what a permit is for. You have to drive at least 6 months before you can get your license(if you are under 18).

Here's an idea. How about give him a few lessons before you send him out driving. It's this thing called common sense

in BC u have to have ur learners for a year (someone at least 25 yrs of age has to be in the car at all times and a midnight curfew), then u have ur novice for 2 years (1 person, any age, only as a passenger, although u can drive on ur own), THEN u get ur full class 5 license.

I'm pretty sure he's gotten a few lessons before being able to legally drive...

45 he obviously had lessons if he passed and received his license. That's common sense!

kids heal the car doesn't. he deserved to get hurt for wreaking your car.

And this is why auto insurance rates for teenagers are so much higher than for adults. Because, in general, they're idiots.

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Exactly no offence but why the hell did you trust your son in the first place with a brand new license... YDI for not thinking ahead

he must have done something right to past the test

Adults are not less stupid!! My dad let me take his brand new car BMW 7 series m powered for a spin, i didn't hit it or not even a single scratch on the car, not all the teenagers are like that. You judgmental adult idiot.

Sadly it's mostly teenage males' insurance rate that is high (higher than teenage females' insurance that is) because in general we "all" are the idiots when it comes to driving.

_parth - Yes, I'm very impressed that A) your daddy has an expensive car, and B) you managed not to destroy it when he let you drive it once. As I said, there's a reason teenaged boys' insurance rates are higher, and you are it - a silly kid who thinks he knows more than he actually does. Anything else smart to say, or are you all done now?

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Are you ******* serious? Senior citizens cause as much, if not more, accidents than teenagers. Never look when they pull out, forget that their cars even have turn signals. I can't even count the times I almost crashed on my Ninja because of them. There is dumbass drivers of all ages, not just teenage males.

#31- I didn't say i know more, but "because, in general, they're idiots" that wasn't needed.

@27, He's not being judgmental, it is a fact that teen and young adult drivers are the biggest idiots on the road. It isn't about how good you are, it is about paying attention to what is going on around you and teenagers have the attention span of a peanut. Add that to the fact that they are full of themselves and they tend to do stupid shit equals instances like the one in this FML.

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CallMeMcFeelii - but teenage boys get in cars with there friends and want to show off, and race, and other things like that, and can't handle their cars and crash. Very often, I might add, because we don't have the driving experience that we think we do. Senior citizens just drive slow all the time.

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Parth what the hell are you talking about "m powered 7 series" there is no M7. You can get the m sport package but that doesn't make your car an M car. Maybe you're talking about the Alpina B7 but that doesn't really count as an M car. Also, teenagers(especially males) like to do stupid dangerous shit like street racing and speeding.

#28 in BC, the government run insurance company ICBC is not allowed to charge higher rates based on stats that discriminate based on sex, age, etc. Rates are based on experience and driving record instead of male vs female, age vs age, etc.

37- exactly, and our reflexes aren't like an adult driver's, so we tend to over-correct our mistakes and go off the road. Coming from a teen driver, I know, we are idiots

McFeelii - Yes, I'm very ******* serious. Teenage drivers are 3 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash than any other age range, and the death rate for male teenagers is twice that of females. I work with this stuff on a daily basis, so questioning my expertise is probably unwise. Look at some statistics before running your mouth.

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Go ahead teenage boy and argue with the insurance company how national statistics about teenage boys are more likely to get in car crashes are all false.

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You know doc, you may consider yourself to be some smart mother ******, and some people may believe that as well. To me you seem like an obnoxious asshole, who only likes to hear yourself talk. Almost every one of your comments you have to belittle someone who doesn't agree with your holy ways. You're no better than anyone else on this site. Your comments are interesting to read, sometimes insightful. But when you start acting like you're better than us or smarter than us, you're really just being a self entitled dick. Nothing personal doc, that's just what I think.

Doc, I really hate having to go to head-to-head with you because I like you a lot. However, those stats and stereotypes don't hold up here in BC. I got my first license (we have a graduated licensing program here) when I was 16, I didn't get into my first accident til I was 20 (my brakes failed in the rain and I rear-ended someone despite having a large amount of distance). They tend to publicize only the teenage accidents to try and stereotype them, however they aren't even involved in most of the fatal accidents. Most accidents are caused by impaired driving, which here in BC translates as adult drivers. Frankly, I'm more comfortable in the vehicle of certain teenagers I know than that of my grandparent's generation. So, sorry Doc, your argument doesn't hold up in my province and OP's son is simply a bad egg. Try again elsewhere.

I'm surprised Asian drivers were not considered the worst on the road, but then again it does make sense why teenage boys would be the most idiotic while driving. Edit: Oops, took a little too long to notice the post above me.

Drewflav - Your personal experience is meaningless. Those are statistics compiled from thousands and thousands of incidents, not from the word of one person. Sorry, but your argument holds no water. McFeelii - The only time I belittle anyone is when it is deserved, like now. You may not agree with me, and that's your prerogative. But your pointless (and incorrect) arguments don't make you any more right. If you'd like to think I'm an asshole, again that's up to you. I'm sure there are many here who would agree with you. I'm sure I don't give a ****.

Doc, in BC, across all age groups accident rates and drunk driving incidences have dropped, although rates r higher for young men as a group. seniors are actually a close second, albeit for different reasons. drunk driving deaths have dropped dramatically (don't remember the exact stat). big reason for this is the fact that if u have a BAC of .05 or more on ur first offence ur car is impounded for 7 days, in addition to ur license being suspended for 7 days as well (plus a possible court date if charged criminally). For Novice drivers its even more strict. ANY ALCOHOL AT ALL in ur system means u get the same penalties plus possible license revocation. For excessive speeding the penalties are similar.

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I'm with Doc on this one, and I am a male, teenage driver. Personally, I'm a pretty good driver. Other guys (and some girls) know, are idiots when they're out on the road. Doc is stating a fact, not a stereotype. Teenagers do cause a lot of accidents. Just because you haven't got in a wreck does not disprove the fact, it just means that you are not part of the statistic.

Parth, not even a single scratch? That is truly incredible. I know I rejoice every time I manage to drive from point A to point B without totaling my car. If I do so without even scratching it, the heavens are truly shining down upon me that day.

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Not all teenagers are stupid morons , :/ I know how to drive better than most people I know .

Sorry but how do any of you even know it's a teenager? The FML doesn't give an age.. Please know the facts before you pass judgement.. And insult a large amount of people too.

#85 I assume most people you know are other teenagers? It's an attitude like that that will get you into accidents, as you won't be as diligent as you should be when controlling a massive lump of metal around other moving massive lumps of metal

@88 He just got his license. Unless he felt like waiting 30 years to drive, I'd assume he's around 16 years old = teenager.

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You guys are all pissing me off. Doc is here giving proven statistics and facts, while all you people are going off on tangents about how in YOUR personal experience, things are different. Well guess what? It's not about you. we're talking about the entire population here.

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94 - Actually, from personal experience and observation, confidence when driving is better than hesitance. If you're relaxed and confident in your driving skills, you're more likely to avoid accidents. If someone THINKS they're a terrible driver, they'll clam up and make themselves BE a bad driver.

39- God yes the racing. My boyfriend and his friends are all nice, smart kids, but they become major douchebags on the road. In the winter they like to go to parking lots and drift and the racing is unbearable.

#107 confidence is great. Over-confidence is the issue

101 - a good number of the replies are from people that LIVE in the province, myself included. Things are VERY different here than anywhere else, trust me. Drivers who are born here are far better than the recent immigrants tend to me, with only a few exceptions. Please keep in mind that our immigrants also tend to come from countries where motor laws are a lot less strict. BC is a hub for immigrants from the Asian continent (yes, I'm dragging the Middle East into that statement). New European immigrants are rare here unless coming from Russia. Quote all the statistics you wish for your own country/state/province, they simply don't hold up here. I have friends of all ethnic groups, I can tell you right now that those in my approximate age group plus the teenagers are, on average, better drivers than their immigrant parents.

You saying that teenagers are all idiots is mildly offensive. You were a teenager once, and I'm sure you would have gotten mad hearing that. And as an adult, you wouldn't want to hear a teenager saying that adults are idiots. While the accident statistics are facts, it isn't necessary to call people idiots.

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I hope you have insurance and that he's ok!

last time I checked, its illegal to drive a car you own without insurance.

I just hope that it was allready time to replace that car.

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Did he spin out when he was out for a spin?

That takes some serious demolition skill. Future profession?

The Daft and Curious, coming to driveways near you.

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The neighbor's elephant, I think.

Better closer to home than causing a triple chain accident on the road.