By sunflowercake - / Sunday 23 August 2009 23:10 / Canada
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the other family probably didn't understand what was going on. they probably just thought they were getting free cake. honestly, if the waiter put a cake on my table for no reason, i would eat it.

OP, at least you know the cake was good...considering they ate most of it

By  notnerb  |  0

Man those people SUCKED! If there is any justice in this world you would have inadvertantly used a bad egg and those wankers all have food poisoning now!

  TheCamoWulf  |  17

Just to be fair, it wasn't the other family's entire fault; the waiters screwed up because OP told them it was for them. The only fault of the other family was that they ate the cake without wondering why they got it.

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