By sunflowercake - 23/08/2009 23:10 - Canada

Today, I made a very pretty sunflower cake that I woke up incredibly early to make. It took me hours and a lot of money. It was for my grandparents anniversary and my whole family was invited. We only got to see the remains because the waiter gave it to the wrong family, and they ate it. FML
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Man, you really cant say ydi to this. Unless your ******* retarded


Man, you really cant say ydi to this. Unless your ******* retarded

how does the OP deserve it? the other family deserve to be slapped for not telling the waiter, how rude of them!

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Yeah I agree with #10 the other family just ate a cake that they didn't even order and didn't say anything? Sorry OP that does suck

Sometimes there will be a special. Also, people will always take anything free they can get. It's human nature.

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the other family probably didn't understand what was going on. they probably just thought they were getting free cake. honestly, if the waiter put a cake on my table for no reason, i would eat it. OP, at least you know the cake was good...considering they ate most of it

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Man those people SUCKED! If there is any justice in this world you would have inadvertantly used a bad egg and those wankers all have food poisoning now!

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Agreed. People like them need to learn their lesson.

Just to be fair, it wasn't the other family's entire fault; the waiters screwed up because OP told them it was for them. The only fault of the other family was that they ate the cake without wondering why they got it.

i hope you got the meal comped. i would have, then ask them about a catering job.

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make them pay for it... or someone. OR THERE'S GONNA BE SOME ASSKICKING

they should have started a brawl in there, that would be interesting =D

aw, that's just horrible. FYL bigtime, that family is a pack of douchebags

that family? what did the family do? the waiter gave it to the wrong people, its not their fault.

Yea.. but.. they could have been like, this isn't our cake! We didn't order this!

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oh get a life, you spelling gestapo