By lindsey789 - 07/10/2010 04:21 - United States

Today, I was sitting in my room watching TV when I heard my mother obnoxiously yelling for the dog. Minutes later she stomped into my room, swatted me over the head, and yelled at me for not answering when she called. She actually got my name mixed up with the dog's. FML
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Atleast she didn't call the dog a bitch and got it confused with you.


stephanie0613 0

Hahah that suckks, but it's funny. YDI for not answering your mom ! haha

that really sucks, how does C.S even allow that to happen? I'm sure they read the checks. Maybe they send them for laughs.

lol my mom call my bro Daniel,Baron after are dead dog

zerobahamut03 2

So does mine. With my siblings though not the dog Lol.

Same here xD She calls me my dogs name and then my bro's and then mine. My dad does the same thing except with my mom's name too.

omggtfomi 1

My mom does that too. It's really comical at times :•]

omggtfomi 1

I've acutely done it a few times too lol

I live with 3 brothers and a dog. My parents can't get our names right

magnetic_aura 26

Growing up we had three dogs, I also have an older sister, my mom would cycle through all their names (sometimes more than once) before calling me by my own name. :P

Atleast she didn't call the dog a bitch and got it confused with you.

purple_zebras_ 0

haha did she use a newspaper to swat you on the head? lmao

haha my mom does that with me and my sister but not my dog hahahah

for me too LOL, she actually calls out all her children's name before getting mine right..

AlyWallyy 0

lmao #3 is right but it happens to me my mom says "lilah" and I'm just like.. :P

hahah lol that happens to me allll the time !!! then she is like it's not good to ignorne me and I'm like WTF?!?

Draeven_fml 0

Thats why you call your dog whiskers or something :3

Wouldn't necessarily help. My mother has a cat called Smudge but that doesn't stop her from accidentally calling me by his name.

FFML_314 11

HAHA! I love you when you're angry.

that's a little harsh and uncalled for don't u think

that's a little harsh an uncalled for don't u think

perdix 29

I love it when you make her angry just because you love it when she's angry. Keep trying to piss her off and I'll just sit back and watch. I'll bring a camcorder if you like -- I have one I can operate with my free hand.

If someone else had typed that you would have jumped down their throat. That was to FFML

melissamoshh 0

I'm pretty sure she was making a joke. Like bitch=female dog.

Perdix, this isn't about to become a porno. Yes, it was a joke. I thought it was quite obvious, but I guess I was wrong.

Damn! My hopes of borrowing the tape later just eFAPorated :(

FFML_314 11

Haha! I wouldn't have jumped down their throat. I would have laughed, because it's funny. I also know her and know she's joking. Perdix, Red is right. This isn't about to become a porno. Although, we can video tape it and send it to Trollz. I hear Giraffes will watch just about anything.

Yeah, I've accidentally called one of my brothers by my dog's name. A few times. Her name is Piper...

kittycat1597 10

it's not a big deal it happens to me all the time…

yeah same me and my sister are either know as jas teg or teg jas

it is a big deal when u get swat over ur head