By lindsey789 - United States
Today, I was sitting in my room watching TV when I heard my mother obnoxiously yelling for the dog. Minutes later she stomped into my room, swatted me over the head, and yelled at me for not answering when she called. She actually got my name mixed up with the dog's. FML
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  magnetic_aura  |  26

Growing up we had three dogs, I also have an older sister, my mom would cycle through all their names (sometimes more than once) before calling me by my own name. :P

  perdix  |  29

I love it when you make her angry just because you love it when she's angry.

Keep trying to piss her off and I'll just sit back and watch. I'll bring a camcorder if you like -- I have one I can operate with my free hand.

  FFML_314  |  11

Haha! I wouldn't have jumped down their throat. I would have laughed, because it's funny. I also know her and know she's joking.

Perdix, Red is right. This isn't about to become a porno. Although, we can video tape it and send it to Trollz. I hear Giraffes will watch just about anything.