By ihatekids - 20/04/2015 16:57 - United States - Billerica

Today, after a relaxing week away, my husband and I came home to discover our 17 year old son crashed one of our cars against the other. FML
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I'm no sleuth but I think #420blazeit may have something to do with this

And now your idiot teenager owes you a lot of money right?


And now your idiot teenager owes you a lot of money right?

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problem is teens typically don't have money

Wanna bet that he won't pay? :P

It's called getting a job. He's 17 not 13. Hell I had a full time job when I was 13. (16 now)

I'm no sleuth but I think #420blazeit may have something to do with this

He killed two birds with one joint.

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Is it just me, or is "have a talk with him/her" the FML community's solution to everything?

Just you. Our solutions include such classics as "I would sue" or "dump him/her".

I would whoop that child's ass. And, being 17, I would be expecting that ass whooping!

Would you like to have a talk about it?

When I say "serious talk", I mean push him down a well.

You are not his dad

Hey, at least he didn't throw a huge party and trash the house! Or did he

I was actually expecting that as I was reading lol, but the car thing is much worst than a party in my opinion.

Go Red Forman on his ass


I'm surprised he waited til you guys got back and found it instead of telling you while you were away and let you try to blow a bit of steam off first. But yeah definitely make him get a job if he doesn't already have one and start paying you for the damages

Maybe he was planning on the "deny deny deny" defense when they came home but that clearly didn't work.

You're surprised? Most teens hide things from their parents until the last minute.

maybe he was just trying to let them have a relaxing time so that the aren't in a bad mood to know. ..I mean why ruin the vacation,nothing they can do till they come back, my opinion is at least they enjoyed their time better than having it in the back of Their mind the whole trip.

Maybe it happened while they were on the plane ride home and he couldn't get a hold of them.

Hopefully insurance covers everything. I would hate to rely on a 17 year old to get the money back. It would probably take years.

Well it's a good thing interest rates cover years #46. They can charge interest until it's paid back. That's what I'd do to my kid if they did that. I'd make sure they pay it all back + interest if it takes that long.

Hey, at least he didn't crash it through the side of the house, running over a china cabinet full of fine china in the process. (Yes, this happened to somebody I knew) I sense a lot of chores in his future, OP

I'm not a parent, especially not to a 17 year old. But I would make them work their ass off to pay for that. Totally irresponsible on his part!!!


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