By Angus - 17/09/2015 19:48 - France

Today, my son had a secret party. At first I was mad, then I had a complete and total Incredible Hulk meltdown when I realized that he had opened a bottle of very expensive whisky, originally bottled by my great great grandfather in Scotland, and used it as a mixer with fucking Pepsi. FML
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As much as it won't replace the sentimental value in the slightest I would get him to pay for two or three times the value of the whiskey, and generally make his life hell for a while

Bright side, no jury in the world will convict when this goes to trial for murder.


As much as it won't replace the sentimental value in the slightest I would get him to pay for two or three times the value of the whiskey, and generally make his life hell for a while

JustinJK 21

That could be impossible. My friends and I (stupidly) downed a bottle of one my father's whiskeys not knowing the value. It was a gift, but when I went to look at replacing it, the bottle cost like 10k+. I didn't even make 10k last year at my part time job.

And that would be the point of "making his life hell"

I don't get why #61 is being downvoted.

Why's is this being down voted? It's logical..

because you can pay 100k.. over time. it doent have to be a lump sum. 100k being an example.

I can't get over how childish is it is to use a mixer. you have to take that shit like a man. male or female or inbetween. you tip that glass and you appreciate the burn.

I don't use mixers because I'm lazy, but I don't blame people who do. That shit tastes nasty.

It's not "childish" to use mixers or chasers. Obviously for that kind of whiskey, yeah, that was stupid. However, it not only tastes better, but helps prevent hangovers by introducing some source of hydration. It's a smarter way to drink, and you'll notice that's what adults do, not kids who just like to get ****** up.

I guess I left a part out. I should say that exact whiskey. a Scottish aged whiskey? I can't see why anyone would use a mixer with it.

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I reeaaaaallly hate to be that guy... But it's a myth that soda dehydrates you. Just google it and see.

depending what the mix is, it could actually cause de-hydration. sodas have too much sodium in them to hydrate you. it actually pulls the water out of your blood and makes you piss it out. same goes with a whole lot of other mixes or chasers. good luck kids

Being more hydrated doesn't reduce the risk of a hangover so much as drinking less alcohol does, both issues can be addressed by alternating alcoholic drinks and soft drinks, no need to do unspeakable things to the poor whisky. There are some pretty tasty cocktails involving whisky, but they usually involve the cheaper blended stuff, if you're mixing the proper stuff with anything other than a few drops of water or more whisky because you're worried about a hangover then you need to reconsider your drinking (and spending!) habits.

This isn't a bottle of SoCo we're talking about. Feel free to mix that with whatever you want, but a good, aged whiskey isn't meant to be drunk with a mixer. Just a drop or two of water and sip it slowly. If you don't appreciate the taste of a fine spirit, stick to the large manufacturers. When I'm mixing, I buy a good mass produced, but when I'm sipping, I go for the good stuff. Also, most sodas have low sodium and don't dehydrate you.

You're not making your argument any better by continuing to comment and further your position.

psychopolarbear 28

Personally, I like the taste of straight whiskey. This whole debate is really just a "to each his own" as far as what is better. Still, cracking open a fine whiskey like that and mixing it like it's the cheap stuff is a sad, sad thing XD

Actually using any kinda of soda will make your hangover a lot worse because of all sugar.

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Why the hell would he hide a trophy like that?

Do you even know how expensive old whisky is?

That's like asking why you don't let your 5 year old drive a car worth a huge penny. or any car at all. it's dumb. it's not hiding a treasure? it's keeping your affairs in order. so dumb ***** like his son can't ruin shit.

juturnaamo 29

You also probably don't hide your car keys from your 5 year old.

But do you put him in the front seat in a running vehicle? we're not talking about not letting him learn how to open jars. we're talking about not letting him have that bottle.

leogachi 15

@3 Being a teenager and wanting to get wasted is no excuse for being an asshole. Op shouldn't have to hide his things in his own house.

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It can't be a secret party if wasn't kept secret

If op found out then it wasn't kept a secret

Probably found out when OP wanted some of that whisky.

leogachi 15

@11 It was a secret until after the party happened. It wasn't kept a secret forever, but it was a secret.

I hope he was hung over while you were shouting at him. It would of severed him right.

noonenoeone 22

Hopefully OP severed contact with his son...that would have served him right.

missyfiona89 28

served* I hope OP did not sever the kid.

KeannaLove 32

It would be justified though #46.

I get now that you're correcting the original. though. severing an important body part or another does sounds quite in order.

You are just on a terrible ******* streak of down votes.

I hope he didn't use up the whole bottle.

Me too, at least then Op would have a small piece of the sentiment. though, any dollar value went out the window as soon as it was opened.

If it was a large party though, it's probably all gone :/

Bright side, no jury in the world will convict when this goes to trial for murder.

BandAid1865 20

This was my though exactly! You don't mess with someone's whiskey.

kellyem2 20

Murder would be letting him get off easy.

dragoongirl90 34

Dammit, I tried to upvote this. Count one more vote in the positive, not the negative.

Daelynn_17 19

Sounds like a good time to practice the episode when the Cosby family did the drinking game on Vanessa. Time to teach him a lesson about irresponsible drinking.

Not a good idea. A couple just did that to their son here locally. They are now in jail on charges of murder by alcohol poisoning.

I would beat that child stupid, and this is why I shouldn't have kids

Mathalamus 24

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I sure wouldn't be glad it was used - as OP describes it, it had sentimental value, and properly a pretty decent monetary value aswell - good whiskey can get very very valuable as it ages, like wine, maybe OP was saving it for a special occasion? I can atleast understand why he got so pissed at his son.

kitsuneluvuh 12

I don't drink, and even I can recognize the value of a whisky bottle that old. And that's even without the sentimental value attached! A whisky that old is something that, if you choose to drink it and not just keep it as an heirloom, you save for a really, REALLY special occasion. Like end of the world special.

Whiskey doesn't age after it's bottled. Whiskey (and all spirits) only age when they are in the barrel and able to absorb flavours from the wood.

You know nothing about whisky. First of all you do not mix whisky unless it's cheap stuff like jack or Johnny Walker. Second of all a old bottle could be worth a few honderd or thousand dollars

Yeah.. mixing scotch whisky with Pepsi is like... using your mother's wedding dress to mop the floor. Thousands of Scotsmen cried out in terror when this happened.

I'm sure if he was wanting to drink it he may have saved it for like his now disowned sons wedding or something Not for a house party where a bunch of ungrateful teens wanted to get drunk

It doesn't "age" in the sense of developing the liqour, but it is actually older and therefore rarer and worth more.