By A-64 - 08/05/2012 20:48 - Belgium - Brussels

Today, against my wishes, my son snuck out of my house to go partying. When he came home, I called him in so I could properly discipline him. While I was talking, he staggered to our fish tank, pulled open the lid, and vomited straight into it. FML
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Talk to him when he's sober.

Is that a serious question? OF COURSE she would rather him vomit on the floor. Have you ever cleaned puke out of a fish tank? Doesn't sound quick-and-easy, does it?


Would you of rather him vomit on the floor?

Poor fish, who would like such an ambush? :(

Is that a serious question? OF COURSE she would rather him vomit on the floor. Have you ever cleaned puke out of a fish tank? Doesn't sound quick-and-easy, does it?

I take it you speak from experience, 14. ;)

the bottom feeder will feast tonight

Eh. Well that does suck. Better make him clean it. SAVE THOSE FISH!

*double post*

Feed him to the fishes *Godfather theme tune*

Haha if you vomit in a tank you just quickly put on gloves, get a net and get fish out, then dump out tank. I understand you tho 14.

That's fishy.

beach_babe89 11

Duh. He or she could of cleaned the floor easily. Now the fish will most likely die AND she will have to clean the whole tank

Superhero movie anyone?

Inheritance 10

Bright side don't have to feed the fish for awhile(;

That's exactly what I was thinking!

72- op is a guy

RawEndo 1

You make cali look bad

F the fish's life!

That would be much easier to clean up

That would be much easier to clean up

Talk to him when he's sober.

I hear the parties in Belgium are insane.

Very on topic, 17.

bitch_pleez 10

I think OP definitely got through to him.

34- do you mean 19?

#41 My mistake, yes I meant 19 :).

34- it's somewhat on topic, the boy came home obviously wasted from a party, in Belgium.

Exactly! I mean, her son wasn't exactly in the state of mind to have a reasonable talk about what happened. What she should've focused on was making sure that he was ok. The morning is for lectures.

An interesting phenomenon, quite a few commenters (myself included) initially thought of OP as female though he is in fact male. I wonder if this is due to the manner of grammar or the situation itself.... Anyone else think OP was a woman when first reading it?

I did! And agreed OP, lecture him while a 7ft wrestler is jumping in that railspike in his head!

More like, beat the shit out of that little prick before he ends up in prison. What a little bastard. You give home hell when he sobers up.

"Try our new fish with added carrots!"

With added beer...

I highly doubt he threw up from eating carrots...

I was implying that every time you throw up, there're carrots in the puke...

ByronJess 17

Not if you haven't eaten carrots...

Oh for ***** sake people, shut up!

#3 I want your shirt

iamabamf 17

Make him clean the tank. Fuck the fishes lives.

What if you were the fish? How would you feel? Animal abuser.... Fuck your life.

I think 4 meant that this FML should be meant for the fish, because they're the ones who have to suffer. 18 read it properly next time and don't be so quick to attack everybody.

Fish's... Sorry that one really bugged me.

I ment what I said.

Oh I get it! It took me a while. Sorry 4! :)

DontModMeDammit 10

Think the sickness from the drinking is punishment enough.

The sickness is only the beginning of the punishment in my book. He's in for faaaar worse.

DontModMeDammit 10

Drinking is not a big deal if done responsibly, obviously the son was not, but now I bet he will be a lot more careful on the amount he drinks. If it becomes a habit then more punishment should follow.

siickman 7

No responsible would have been following his dads wishes ... Everyone has their drinking limit and maybe he only had one but his body can only take one before going drunk ... Drinking isnt really responsible anyways..

I hope you never have kids because that was just awful advice.

79-just to clarify, are you saying any/all types of drinking is/are irresponsible?!

FreaksandGeeks 5

16- I'd say that if the son is young enough to live with his parents and have to sneak out to a party, he probably shouldn't be drinking.

79, I was with you up until that last statement. Drinking in and of itself is not irresponsible. EDIT: I just noticed that you said it isn't responsible, which I guess is true. Never mind.

118- I'm old enough to drink in Canada, but I'm still young enough to live at home. I still have to abide certain you just said isn't really true.

nadnerbz 6

More like F the fishes life, imagine if someone just vomited all over you

And then you died because your fragile habitat became too acidic for you to survive in.

Not just ON you, but vomited in your very air. You'd have to BREATHE that puke!

Make him drink it clean, that would teach him lol. No but seriously I hope he gets a decent punishment.:)

I think his hangover will teach him a lesson.

Hangovers don't stop any of the people I know from getting drunk again.

I don't get them!;)

124 - I call bull. I've blacked out from excessive drinking once and woke up with no headache and only mild nausea, but NEVER getting hung over? Difficult to believe.

He feeds your fish for you and all you do is whine. How ungrateful of you. Tsk tsk.

Send him to bed, and then hide all the aspirin, then in the morning, wake him up making as much noise as possible. Trust me it works