By diddlebuag - 27/05/2011 22:09 - United States

Today, I came home from work, only to find the babysitter passed out on the couch with a bottle of Jack Daniel's. At some point, it seems my son had taken the liberty of peeing on her while she slept. FML
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Well he was trying to wake her up! Or mark his territory... one of the two.


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I'd have given her 2 bottles at least...

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umm..... maybe it wasn't your son

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Hahaha your son is ****** awesome! Yah I agree that's her payment that and getting drunk what an idiot

where did she get the booze and how old is the son?

so I've decided that whenever #19 chimes in, I get a migraine. why must you put your idiotic 2 cents in every fml? your picture creeps me out and your thoughts are just plain retarded!

Has anyone tired the new Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey?

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OP should be worried about her son, not the babysitter.

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damn 83 you're an asshole! why be such a jerk? honestly who cares if he feels the need to reply to everything. really. that's why fml allows you to comment things, so if you feel the need to, you can!

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I'm pretty sure the OP is worries about the son that's why it's a FML

I didnt know ke$ha was a part-time babysitter?

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you'd figure shed be happy her son peed on her she deserves it

Let me guess 141, you're British, right?

187-what does being British have to do with it. you racist prick

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195, YOU are the reason you dropped out of high school. You can't blame anybody but yourself, and attempting to only shows that you are a childish person who can't accept responsibility for your own actions. Grow up. Or play in traffic, whatever is easier.

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yea but she ment when her son peed on her that would be good enough

Shit maybe the babysitter fell asleep. And the evil child put it there and peed on her.

141 used the word 'asshole' if she was British we generally say arsehole instead.

Wait, if you play on traffic, you won't get killed... You'd just be an idiot playing in traffic... Cuz cars are going slow in traffic. Nvm, just a thought.

thank you!!! I totally agree and just left a really long nasty comment about that. seriously who gives a shot about the drunk babysitter...that was her child left unsupervised. what if the kid got hurt or even drank what was left of the booze in her lap??!! wtf lady if your fml is simply about the child peeing on her then you are unfit to be a mom.

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Stupid babysitter's doing it all wrong, youre supposed to brush your teeth with Jack Daniels not drink it -.-

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jack Daniels and r. Kelly videos, sounds like a successful night babysitting...

Well he was trying to wake her up! Or mark his territory... one of the two.

everyone has their own way of least she got the kid to sleep!

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I was thinking more like R. Kelly.

Sounds like the kid got drunk too..... Drunk people tend to piss in the craziest places

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your son deserves a prize! classiest thing ever!

I feel like the babysitter should be posting this. Not you.

today, I was babysitting drunk and a kid peed on me. fml.

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Wait, the kid peed on me?! Crap. Sorry about drinking it all, btw..

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Lol. And that's why u smell like pee!!! :)

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Diapers, lady. They'll help.

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Geez pal, reading too much into that comment, huh?

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If it's a dude, tickle his nipples like theres no tomorrow!

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it's funny how #8's picture suits their comment so well.

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Hence the pedobear picture? You shouldn't be taking this too seriously.

well, he could peed on everything else, be glad it was her.