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Today, while searching for the pungent odor that has been lingering in my son's bedroom, I discovered various types of juice my son has been "storing" to make wine. FML
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wow cool son you got there :)



wow cool son you got there :)

Put some clothes on b4 the creepers arrive. Your gonna get attacked by them creepz.

prince122 0

oh shit the creepers here agghhhhh!!! KABBLLLOOOMMMMM!!!! haha another smart minecraft joke

hey cutie. the creeper has arrived.

hehehe.. well? here I am : n)

Damn it! too late! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

^no, u r not creeper

it's ok, there's room for plenty of creepers herr

Why do you say "Creeper" like it's a bad thing?

mintcar 9

LOL at 61. Haha.


hey there creepers !! & it's a tank top, I think I'll be fine

suppepz 0

yeah totally! he's awesome that he knows how to do that, I might try it!

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#2 dayumm girl. you like mike n ikes?

^ ****. you. stop. creeping. pretty. girlz.

the kool kids make huch

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^ she is a very pretty girl!

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happy 1 week till your birthday lets have some wine cuz your only 10 days older than me

188 I hope you don't mind me asking..... whatchew talkin bout, Willis?

u look like dat one of us shameless!!:-o haa:-)

suppepz 0

yeah I'm going to try it, Abd then I'm going to give some to my boyfriend, befor having sex with him

He's not the Jenkem type?

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he's 10 :) I moderated the full version of this.

Hm maybe he'd rather get drunk than high off his own crap lol

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Today, while searching for the pungent odor that has been lingering in my son's bedroom, I discovered the "special,secret place" that my 3 year old daughter had pooped. FML

shakeTHEworld 12

Haha, I thought that was the FML at first too!

Future drunk, stop the kid OP :)

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I don't think the op even considered that one! -_-

I just modded this FML, the original one said "my ten year old son," what a cool kid!

Lmao. Smart kid, he'll make good money in the future.

YDI for being a bitch about your genius son!

wow he's already an alcoholic..... what a bright future

mintcar 9

How is OP being a bitch?

I'm a dog. I know what a bitch is.

AA is for quitters

mintcar 9

I asked HOW. I'd hardly call that thing a dog. -_-

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So, you're the bitch.

Damn it I'm a male! Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Just because he drinks dosen't necissarily make him an alcoholic.

mintcar 9

Necessarily. *

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lemme guess it looks like mayo

This2Rudy 7

when you mod somthing does yes mean show it and no mean not? or vice-versa

SirEBC 7

94, when you vote yes, it means "Yes, don't show it."

Yes means you think we should publish it, and No means you think it's shit. If I may be so bold, I strongly recommend voting No on sirEBC's FMLs whenever you see them.

vote yes on sirEBC always.

This2Rudy 7

thank you sirin I'm amazed, I just made an account and already got such a high up person as yourself to comment on it

I'm twelve wat is this?

He's gonna make a fortune some day.

KingDingALing 9

Is that the same reason why all of my FMLs have been rejected?! You told everyone to press "No" for them?! All 48 of them?! Goddammit...

This2Rudy 7

it's cool, that's what it is

This2Rudy 7

*that comment was meant for comment 115

yea there on a roll... atleast other peoples lives might be worse than yours ^_^

126 I don't vote, but if I did I'd probably just say yes to yours. Ignore the haters! Lol the first comment I ever made got moderated so I know how you feel.

My best friend's name is Sirin :)

What did you expect, you live in Wyoming..nothing else to do there except pow-wow with the Indians!

haha! i did that to grape juice when i was 6 or 7 :)

at least he's not going through your liquor cabinet.

i agree. let him be dumb cuz it won't get him any place. keep him outta the real trouble. :)

Worst advice I have ever heard.

perhaps OP doesn't have a liquor cabinet

Wonder if there's fruit flies kicking around too, those things are annoying. Would have been funny if he had successfully made some sort of moonshine though!

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wine not liquor FAIL

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Moonshine is made with corn.

ah so that's how you make wine. imma start now. lol. fyl. I guess

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Bahaha that's amazing :] kudos to your son

sailorzoe 14

Jerry! Jerry!

Jerry? What the heck?

beautiful tattoos sailor

don't worry about it your son obviously has TIGER BLOOD lol

I loved it. you 2 are just ******

teelll em dooggie!

TIGERBLOOD is stupid and so is anyone that quotes Charlie "the looser" Sheen!