By don'tdrinkthat - 03/11/2013 22:27 - United States - Quincy

Today, I came home to find my 14-year-old son attempting to get drunk off aftershave. FML
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In first comment....please like cuz I like pandas

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Although I support your panda preferences, no one does well when asking for first comment likes.

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Wow your son is that desperate?

Wow, you typed that right the first time. Excuse me while I go kill myself, before a horde of grammer Nazis rain death upon me.

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No point responding to him #37, he already killed himself.

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To sort of get this back on topic, if op's son is trying to get drunk on aftershave, OP should take away anything closely related to after shave for a little while.

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Nein man schwör diga sowas sagt ma nich diga das nich okey man

you guys on here are way too harsh on each other. nobody knows how to have fun anymore geez.

I guess it is time for 36 to commit the ancient and gruesome Greppuku

Now that's something that I never thought anyone would be so stupid to try. Good luck with that one, you'll need it.

It's right on there with drinking mouthwash to get drunk...

RedPillSucks 31

Actually, lots of people drink mouthwash to get drunk. It's cheaper than bear or wine, and has much more alcoholic content.

Yeah many people dont drink mouthwash to get drunk. Mouthwash has wood alcohol which your body cant process, it just kills your organs

That fact doesn't stop alcoholics from sneaking their fix by drinking mouthwash. It's quite common in the world of addicts.

#72 - I don't know where you get your bear from to pay such atrocious prices but I can always refer you to my guy for decently priced, if not cheap bear meat to go with your expensive wine. :P

77 some alcoholics constantly suck on orange wedges. They inject the oranges with alcohol so they have a constant fix throughout the day.

One time I saw a bear in my Scope, but it disappeared after a few shots.

77 is right. I used to work at a liquor store. I live in Oklahoma, so we legally had to close until 7 on election days and certain holidays. I would have complaints from our alcoholics that they absolutely had to consume mouth wash, aftershave, even rubbing alcohol because we were closed. There are some alcoholics that will do anything to get a drink.

#80 You drink bear blood too!? I thought I was the only one!

93, what holidays do liquor stores close early on? I'm in OK also. I know they close at 9 and.on Sundays, but I didn't know about closing at 7.

People have died from trying to get high off condoms. Don't be surprised.

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Next you'll find him trying to get high on laundry detergent.

all I can think about is the stomach pains he must've had after

If he got stomach pains it is technically his fault.

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And OP did warn him with his user xD

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Things kids will do to "fit in"... But really, I wish people like him go through health class.

They don't cover those kinda things(how drugs work) in health class. My health class experience was basically "condoms are useless and so is birth control and if you have sex outside of marriage you'll never have a meaningful relationship and oh yeah, don't do drugs".

MzZombicidal 36

Actually, 66, my Health class did cover drugs. It ran along the line of "If you do anything drug-related ever, your life will be ruined and you'll go to prison forever. The end."

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When he cries he is in pain, don't comfort him. He was dumb enough to do that. and doesn't deserve sympathy

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drunk at 14 doesn't matter what it is,, he's far too young

14 is about the age you should start drinking at home under parents supervision, no age us when you should trying to get drunk from aftershave

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Um...I don't know any sane parent who lets a 14 year old drink

I dont know any sane parent who wouldn't in your home you can monitor them so they're not in pubs in danger

22 - you must think that most European parents are insane then because light drinking from an early age is a long standing cultural norm in most if not all of Europe. I started earlier than 14, for the record, and I drink less than all of my friends who weren't allowed to touch alcohol before they turned 19. I rarely binge drink, unlike them, because it simply does not interest me. Alcohol is not a novelty item, it's just another beverage to choose from that happens to carry a high price tag. When underage I was generally restricted to beer and wine in typical European fashion and only allowed liquor when I got a little older, however there had to be a special occasion of some sort before I'd be allowed any to begin with! Bad parenting? Absolutely not! In fact, it's even explicitly permitted by law in my province, the province with the strictest liquor laws in all of Canada. Should a 14 year old be getting drunk? Preferably not, but if it were to inadvertently happen because they're lightweights they'll learn the hard way what a hangover feels like and they won't want to repeat their mistake. Just my two cents.

Maybe you just don't know they do because they don't broadcast it.

95 - who is that question directed at? Look at each of our profiles and see for youself.

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59 is right, more parents should be giving their teens small amounts of wine beer, not only will the taste put them off, but it takes away the novelty from it, because you're not being restrictive and making it a forbidden fruit. Honesty, is what works with teens. You get conservative and/or religious parents treating their teens like their children, then the have the audacity to act suprised when their kids are out drinking and taking drugs to rebel and having unprotected sex.

105, my 13 yr old son was getting curious about alcohol. I let him try a few drops of Jager and he hasn't made any jokes about sneaking booze since.

AntiPrude 26

115 I'd give him half a shot of it. Wouldnt do anything, tastes horrible, curiosity eliminated.

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... what the hell gave him that idea?

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Who knows. Maybe one of his idiotic friends told him that

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I read about it while researching aftershave. (I was REALLY bored) In some countries it is very common with the homeless and poor because it is much cheaper than alcohol. I think it would taste horrible!