By Anonymous - United States - Macon
Today, I went to visit my senile grandma, since she's ill and nobody else in the family visits her. I ended up having to sit through a long rant about the Illuminati, black people, and how we'd have a cure for the common cold already if it weren't for "those god damned foreigners". FML
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  daniel271  |  13

That's disrespectful to his grandma

  shinikageWolf  |  15

He's too lazy to do manual labor. He'll just try to hire Mexicans to push other Mexicans back to Mexico. Even if they are South American or any kind of Cuban or Latino, because to him they're all Mexican.

  MandieL  |  27

I agree 20, they are crazy. I had my first child almost 6 weeks ago and my grandma has been asking me when I'm having another one since week 3. And it's by her first great grandchild either, she's her 10th.

By  burberryrox  |  4

Sadly, that sounds like my grandma. That generation just grew up with racist parents so we shouldnt blame them to much. Plus our kids will grow up with a bunch of weed smoking parents haha which is still better then being called racists.


But just because they were raised racist doesn't mean they can't change their opinions. She could have grown up that way, but she's grown now and can probably grasp the concept that no race is better then the other.


I agree with you. My own grandmother is exactly like this. Most people her age I've met have the same attitude, and usually women are the nastiest of all. People don't like to change opinions, even if they're proven wrong...age doesn't matter. My grandma is never going to stop being a racist hypocrite because she feels like the world has turned for the worse. She uses this as justification for how horrible she is to people. While I know plenty of open minded elderly people, stereotypes exist for a reason... they're predominantly true.