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  ohSNAPyall  |  26

That's not a Catch-22. A Catch-22 would be: Can't get a job without picking up the phone, can't pick up the phone without having a job.

Schrodinger's answer is excellent.

  NoBookNoGood  |  14

hello sir still broke and jobless
We noticed that you have a dept of 50.000, can you pay?
reply: Nah, but i can work for you!

Doesn't seem appropriate to me...

  derangedplanet  |  23

Well it's one way to say "screw you I'm working on it!" and last I checked most people aren't bothered by being less than mannerly to a debt collector. I've heard many people answer phones with some quite colorful wording because of it. if you're willing to call a person a pig fucker you should probably be willing to do them the discurtousy of asking for a job. haha

By  gracehi  |  31

Just hang up if you make that mistake again, although once you get a job you should start taking those calls and settling those debts. But, for future reference, debt collectors never leave messages because they know no one will ever answer their number again once they know it's a debt collector. A potential employer probably would leave a message, though, if they're interested in hiring you.