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Why haven't YOU been keeping up with the money FOR your Cub Scout-aged son?

sell your son to pay for it


Why haven't YOU been keeping up with the money FOR your Cub Scout-aged son?

Ajjas013 6

$220 dollars out of circulation thanks to your idiot son.

he's a cub scout - he can't be older than 8. The real question is what kind of idiot entrusts $220 in cash to an 8 year old or younger child

Right, because God-forbid someone try to teach their kid personal responsibility.

She's not teaching her son personal responsibility if she just pays when the kid loses the money.

she doesn't have a choice but to repay it, she is responsible for the money because she is the adult in the situation. You shouldn't teach a child personal responsibility with OTHER peoples money.

He's less than 8 year olds, what do you expect, 11? All I have to say is.... NO U.

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yeah u should've waited until he was about twelve to trust him with that !

Bullshit, I call bullshit. He kept the money and spent it on pot and hookers, have him tested for THC and STDs.

sell your son to pay for it

Agreed. Some lucky bastard just stumbled onto a whole lotta moneyz! I wish I was in Texas right about now!

#10, 'This' what? this plant over here? this comment? this person? how about you write a meaningful comment next time

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thats a bit harsh

depending on how old he is he may not have lost it. he may have pocketed the cash for all you know!

The plot thickens!

LOL this was exactly what I was thinking... the kid just made $220!

Uh huh. Kids are a lot smarter than you give them credit for. I think I just complimented thieving kids. Ok I'll shut up now.

You might want to look through your kid's room have sticky fingers. He might use it to buy cookies for girls in the cafeteria ;)

Seriously, who lets their Club-Scout-aged son handle money? That's just a disaster waiting to happen. He should have never been allowed to take on that responsibility to began with.

What's a Club Scout? Does he kill baby seals? He probably pocketed the cash and is spending it on beer and hookers. I live in Texas and 8-year-olds do that shit. YDI for extorting money out of your neighbors to sponsor inane activities to keep your own kids out of your hair.

For the record, this post originally said "Club Scout," but eventually they fixed it. When I was a kid, I was a Cub Scout, but dropped out because I didn't want to be a "Webelo." Even when I was nine, that sounded wrong. "I'm a Webelo" . . . "You guys do what?"

hahaha I laughed out loud at #2 yeah well I'm sorry too bad next time don't let him hold on to the money

You just paid your kid $220 dollars! I hope he gets something nice! Great job raising a responsible and moral son! Exclamations!

lmao #2 wins.

YDI for making your poor son be a scout. And for misspelling "cub".

1. there is nothing wrong with being a scout. It only helps you get into top colleges etc etc. 2. The OP did not misspell Cub because they are called Cub Scouts. So get it right before you start dissing people.

Apparently this FML has been edited - it originally said club scout.