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Today, I found out that my 16-year-old son bought a huge amount of grape juice, because he thought he could store it under his bed and wait for it to turn to wine. FML
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He's going to make a great college student one day.

he is an idiot grape juice alone won't make whine he needs to add baking powder to start the fermentation process

#18: I would say you are already an expert at making whines.

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you need yeas and heatt not baking powder.

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Baking powder 18? What on earth will that do? You need yeast to start fermentation. Yeast occurs naturally around us all the time which is why some wines are 'wild ferment' meaning no yeast was added and just the yeast that was naturally sitting on the skin caused the ferment . Chances are he would get something from it (especially if he has exposed it to air) but unless monitored properly the ferment will probably become stuck and not contain much alcohol. Either way it will taste awful!

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I just want to point out that this is NOT at all an FML. Now you have a lot of grape juice, and grape juice is delicious.

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My comment was moderated for saying grape juice is delicious. What the heck.

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Land of the free and home of the brave.

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More like land of the free and home of the stupid.

Grape juice into wine isn't that impressive. When he's able to turn water into wine, then I'll be impressed. I'll be presenting five gallon buckets of water to him.

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Let's hope you can get through the crowds of the sick and the lame without spilling too much of the water first.

It'll ferment eventually... I mean, the general idea isn't entirely wrong.

It won't turn into wine because you need yeast to make wine. It'll ferment into something, but I'm not sure you'll like drinking it....

Fermenting is yeast turning sugar into alcohol and CO2. Without yeast it may decay, but it won't ferment.

Yeast are not the only bacteria capable of fermentation there is no guarantee it would form the correct type of alcohol though. Even human cells can perform fermentation in a lack of oxygen it's what forms lactic acid.

Somebody isn't getting a job at a brewery

Getting apple cider then letting it mellow can turn it alcoholic...

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not all of it. we made apple cider using a mixture of apple juice. brown sugar and spices and there was not a drop of alcohol. it was an american recipe, it gets served to kids at halloween and other autumn/winter holidays.

40 - You're thinking of hard cider.

It depends what country you're in. In America, almost never. In England? Almost always.

You have to watch it with apples. It can also ferment into vinegar from what I've read. That is why most people who home brew wine don't recommend using them.

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At least he has some concept of fermentation ?

All the black people from that store went home with disappointed faces.

When he's out replace the grape juice with apple juice. His confusion will be hilarious

Then tell him that the grape juice turned into white wine.

lol then he'll really be upset if he drank it and didn't get a buzz, lmao.

^^Placebo affect. I'm sure he'd think he was drunk if his dad told him it was wine.

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Next thing you know he's going to hide some milk under there and wait for it to turn into cheese.