By sheridan.ashley - 15/05/2010 06:27 - Australia

Today, my sister decided to wake me up by pumping handwash into my open mouth. FML
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lol well good morning to you. make sure you get revenge. and then she can post it on fml. hahaa.


kaylascool 0

ha. eww. maybe that will teach you not to sleep with your mouth open though(: dafp.

Tsmitty99 0

hahahaha bet tht didn't taste so good. ydi for not wakin up. jk

Dirty mouth- clean it up with Orbit!

Tigertnt 0

It's a good thing she wasn't pumping something else it you! ;)

degrassilovur 0

hahhahh.. I did that to my brother once 0:-)

Come on OP pump something back in her mouth.

XxJeffRawrxX 0

Maybe she knew what went down last night and wanted to help. ;D

sameshitdifferen 0

Wow that is the pinnacle of BEEECH!!!

LiveLaughLove18 0

ydi for wanting a **** in your mouth and sleeping with it open. Dafp

smiley_ily 0

what a niice sister you have , :p . but at least it wasn't anything worsee.

oooh. that's nasty. I had to do that for a dare once and it made me gag.

hahha 54 thats the worst thing EVERR and op, lmao, shes a bitch!

Adriana oh my sweet jesus I love your new pic! :D god you probably have all the guys and lesbians all over you huh :)

wait, if mouth was open how did she get soap past the **** that was already in ur mouth???

SAM! haha thanks hun! actually, i dont ..yet?but its better like that XD that reminds me, we need to stalk megan fox together!

hahaha youre so funny... that made absolutely no sense

76, who are you talking to? nice eyes btw!

whoops! sorry you posted when I was typing. haha that was for 68. and thanks by the way

F your sisters life when you get revenge(which you will right??)

hmm hope your sister is younger than 3...if not fyl

73/76- I can just imagine the look on Adrianna's face when she read that :-D~

Blue_Coconuts 7

blue, you look too hardcore for fmylife :p

logandean 0

haha my sister would do the same

If your sister isn't like, 3, I say backhand her. Problem solved.

Blue_Coconuts 7

I know, that's just how I roll. :P But seriously if you ever get a bad taste in your mouth (too spicy, too bitter, soap, etc) eat a pickle. it will get rid of the taste. Unless you don't like pickles then you're ******. And that's your fun-fact of the day. :D

Blue where am I supposed to get a pickle?

Notjustanother1 0

do you cuss at your sister? Cause if you do maybe now you won't have a dirty mouth .

#76 I know it wasn't funny but I posted it because it sounded so much better in my head, and funnier

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@83- you have really pretty eyes(:

be greatful it was not your brother pumping something else into your mouth.

lindseytaylor201 0

omg 83 your gorgeoussss 

MysticAngel 0

XD lololol that's nasty. well, at least your breath smells nice bahaha

At least you don't have to use mouthwash? :D

lol well good morning to you. make sure you get revenge. and then she can post it on fml. hahaa.

agreed : Today my sister beat me ******* senseless all because I put hand wash in her mouth. I've got bruises all over my face a black eye and am missing my two front teeth my end of year photo is tomorrow. FML

awesomechick618 0

I would have slapped her :D

atleast you don't have to brush your teeth.