Eau de toilette

By anon - 05/03/2011 10:15 - United States

Today, as I was about to go in the bathroom, a girl walked out, shaking water off her hands. Some of it landed on my face, and I just wiped it off. Then she said to her friend who was waiting for her, "The sink's broken. Can I use your hand sanitizer?" So what landed on my face? FML
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I don't think you wanna know.

perdix 29

Pussy juice -- she was masturbating in there. She must be a squirter.


I don't think you wanna know.

EmoGiana 0

Last time I went to the bathroom, I didn't dip my hands in poo water. :3

badintentions 0

I wonder if she is related to R. Kelly? "I wanna pee on youuuuu. Drip, drip, drip,...drip, drip drip. I wanna piss on youuuuu."

kinghashem 5

that's cute ;)

jrsgreenfire257 0

Well... seimen...

that doesn't make any sense

Do yourself a favor and don't think about it

YourWetDream 0

Pee...or love juice

probably not, if she asked her friend for hand sanitizer

maybe she puts soap before water

perdix 29

She just finished masturbating and she's a squirter. What's that fluid called? Wherever it is, you got a faceful of it.

Possible answers: Urine, watery diarrhea, soap, water... Hey, just because the sink is 'broken' doesn't mean it can't produce a little trinkle of water.

trickle* Darn autocorrect

atomicbaboon 0

she probably just washed her hands in the toilet. no biggie.