By Staples - 15/05/2010 06:21 - United Kingdom

Today, I accidentally stapled my finger to a piece of paper. It hurt, but I took it out and went to restaple it. I did it again. FML
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Kimberly_Isabel 7

That must have really hurt. I think you should focus more on what you're doing!

ScooterScott 0



ScooterScott 0


ScooterScott 0

*Shoots Down At Threadjackers* Pew Pew

ScooterScott 0

*Shoots at threadjackers police* You'll never catch me, coppers!

madie_hearts09 0

stupid anti flood

*fires back up with Gatling guns* This is a kind of meh FML. Sure it hurts, but it's really not that horrible. We've all done it before.

Feathers, I think the FML is that OP is dumb / careless enough to do it twice in a row.

kristinnicolexo 0

lmao fyl . . luckily I've never done this :)

I've never stapled my finger, and restapled it!!! You have horrid hand-eye coordination!!!

muwahahah this fml pleases me...

OP, what were you using as a desk, your hand?

LiveLaughLove18 0

Oh gosh haha (: Whoops!

smiley_ily 0

haha, fail. but glad that it didn't hurt that much. :)

for real 23... all you have to do is straighten the papers then staple them with your fingers INCHES away from the corner of the paper...

ScooterScott 0

Y'all got shot by the threadjacking police

The_grumpy_bear 0

I did that once. But it was on purpose when I was a liitle kid. Cause I was bored. I don't see how you can do it by accident let alone twice.

JD_88 0

i've done that before fecking hurts!!! Unlucky.

that sounds like something I would do

WTF! twice? lmao YDI! but ouch that must hurt

isn't that when u put the stapler down and juss walk away

I'm gonna eat you out :)

my mom says I'm special wut about ur mom

YDI, no real reason, that's one dumb mistake.

the fuck kind of stapler were you using? try moving your finger next time.

No we haven't at least I haven't there is a thing called hand eye coordination.

you sir...are an idiot

mona_is_here 10

haha this made me laugh

Silense_is_loud 0

epic fail!:D and 29 are u pleasuring urself to this fml?

stfunerds 0


#64 is made up of pure win.

16, Speak for yourself.

hellllloooooo ;)

allanCapaldi 5

i once kicked a wall by accident and then my whole nail on my pinky toe came out!

haha who does that anymore? and it's not like it's a large hole so it must not hurt that much. not a good fml at all.. I like the ones that give me a good laugh

jk0ng 0

omg fail! how do u even fail so hard at stapleing something?!

OP, "Are you retarded?" *Stewie voice

why is no one perturbed by 64? D: time this creepy guy in my Spanish class stapled his arm multiple times. apparently he thought I would find that enticing ):

im listening to a song and just after i read this the lyrics were "pleasure fused with pain" lol its through the fire abd the flames now... i like METAL!!!!!!!!! ! ! I___I. smiley face

wtf my smiley got fucked up

lokogirld 0

wow ur nice LOL get a life and be nice

Erm. I have never done this before.

Kimberly_Isabel 7

That must have really hurt. I think you should focus more on what you're doing!

woooow what a sweet advice! lmao

GamerChik 2

wow if u messed up the 1st time y wud u try again

Yeah, everyone should give up on anything because they failed once.

guitarchick7591 2

I've done that.. doesn't feel good trying to get the staple out. =/

awesomechick618 0

ya, me too, it's really sucks :P

guitarchick7591 2

Yeah! I'm a very clumsy person. Thank god i didn't do it twice in a row. lol

guitarchick7591 2

Yeah! I'm a very clumsy person. Thank god i didn't do it twice in a row. lol

RedPillSucks 31

LOL 20, 21 posts occur twice in a row.... (ok, yes I'm bored)

my mom says I'm special.... but who's this Ed guy?

how de [email protected]@k u staple ur finger. ?? is it even possible??

guitarchick7591 2

uh the staple just punctures your finger.. it doesn't actually get stapled to the piece of paper.

You people are so wrong. The paper is stapled to your finger. If your finger was stapled to the paper it would have to go completely through your finger.

wow must not have hurt enough because you did it twice

Ajjas013 6

Better your finger than your dick.

Ajjas013 6

Hmm, I feel loved. Hate's a strong word, but I really really really hate you too.

Granddragon 0

ajjas you remind me of that kid off of the little giants. the one who yells "DON'T YOU TALK ABOUT MY MOMMA!"

RedPillSucks 31

He would be pretty talented if he could staple with his dick. pretty popular too since that would require a prehensile dick

sourgirl101 28

Hey Redpill I'm going to miss your picture. I thought you looked cool in your glasses. oh well this pic is cool also.

RedPillSucks 31

Thanx, I'll put it back. I just like to cycle through a couple of pics

7 made me smile[:

lmao. specialness right there. ^


lmao how? and you stapled yourself twice.......your pretty careless or just stupid. f$&@ you anti flood I do what I want!

iAmPaul 49

I lol'd at your pic^