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Today, I lectured my second-grade class to be more descriptive in their writing. I gave them an assignment to describe something in the classroom. I was grading their work later, and one student wrote, "My class is taught by a fat teacher with gray hair." FML
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How descriptive should second graders be?! Aren't they just learning to spell and write?

Show the kid the tape of the teacher that beat that student


Show the kid the tape of the teacher that beat that student

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haha, at least the kid got some descriptive humor. :p

Haha that kid is going to be awesome in the future.

"YDI for being fat and old"?! WTF is wrong with you people. Get over yourselves because someday that'll be you!

Jessie s the op does deserrve it for being fat and having grey hair. both somewhat easy fixes

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ydi for not taking care of yourself. lose some weight and dye your hair, you live in a society and you're a woman

kids say the darndest things. #1 is a win btw

#26 aren't you the stupid one? I always have to go aroud schooling you all the time.

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kids are blunt, don't let it get you down op fafp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

give the kid an F. the assignment was to describe a "something" in the classroom, not a person ;D

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#20, Ms_Jessie22, you do have to get old, but you don't have to get fat! That kid sure is failing at Suck-Up skillz. Those are really important "in the real world." If only I had continued on in Advanced Brownnosing, I'm sure my career would be a lot better.

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well he did do the assignment he did wht u asked him to do. i think he deserves an A. its not his fault ur old and fat

Put an F on his paper and say "a description is pretty much writing what you see. You can't just make things up..."

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I didn't know second graders would know to use the word taught, I would of thought that he would of put teach or something but congrats to the student for having good grammar.

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at 20 she shouldn't have been fat and old in the first place

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I think it's really sad that you and everyone in here would not accept someone for being overweight and gray hair. society? you crate society, and people are human, they get fat, the get gray, and they get old. accept it. be okay with people being humans. just because you are allowing yourself to be subjected to the ideas setforth by the advertising industry that plays off of our insecuritiries and try to define a human as acceptable by unreacable concepts of beauty, don't push it off on others.

22: I believe losing weight is easier for men and it is easier for women to gain weight.

haha sorry but YDI OP for trying to make second graders be more descriptive in their writing.

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lmfao thats funny xD what a creative little 7 yr old. ;]

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How descriptive should second graders be?! Aren't they just learning to spell and write?

I was learning how to do that in kindergarten and first grade O.o

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29 isn't an overachiever. I was already reading and writing in kindergarden.

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i was readin harry potter in the womb, top that

itz_towelie 6

by your standards maybe not, however im still working on finishing the cat in the hat by myself.

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Both my kids were reading and writing before 1st grade. It's really not that big a deal.

RedPill, I like your new dp. Kids start learning to read as soon as they start school. My 5 y.o. can read and write along with the rest of her class. It's pretty standard. Second grade would be about 7 y.o. so "fat" and "grey" are decent descriptors for that age.

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I was reading at a 6th grade level in 1st grade.

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Hands down, the best picture you've posted so far. But is that the same cat or do you own three kitties? My cat ( 1 out of 3) poses for pictures also or maybe he's just too lazy to move.

That's all three of my cats. top left: Kyro top right: George bottom left: Max

sourgirl101 28

Well the picture is super cute! I love cats. I was bitten by a dog when I was a child and never got over the fear of them. Even small dogs freak me out.

Little kids are the most honest people you'll ever meet.

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well atleast someone told her she was fat, nothing worse than a fat person who doesnt know theyre fat

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WOW you're hot... sorry I had to say this...

What about a fat person that thinks they are skinny