By Anonymous - 07/11/2015 05:02 - Canada - Barrie

Today, my 9 year old shitblossom of a sister decided to wake me up by hocking a loogie into my mouth. FML
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Lmao. Shitblossom.

Take it out of your mouth and stick it on her face. Ew!


Take it out of your mouth and stick it on her face. Ew!

Or he could just put a lock on his door....

whatunicorn 17

^umm.. OP is a girl, hence the symbol at the top.

LOL Siblings

Lmao. Shitblossom.

Yeah, that's a new one for me.

new favorite insult.

crackajak 15

"Hey how's your little sister?" "She's blossoming" "Awww like a beautiful flower!" "No, like a steaming pile of shit."

The insults are getting better each time

the thought of this makes me want to gag.

Haha shitblossom. I have to use that more often.

Okay, this calls for serious revenge!

What a lovely thing to wake up to. But seriously OP that's disgusting and you should make sure your sister understands that not okay. I can't imagine how she'll act when she's older and she sleeps over at a friends house. Educate her before she has no friends lol

or before she does something like that and gets the shit kicked out of her!

shitblossom. ..good one haha

What is hocking a loogie, exactly? Is it spitting? Nice use of shitblossom!

obliviongillette 18

That's what I'm wondering. I thought it maybe meant flicking a booger. :0

its coughing up phlegm that has gathered in your throat and then spitting it out

How do you not know? It's snorting phlegm and spitting it

would you like some toast with that lung butter?

it says on #10s profile that she's from England and maybe they don't call it that over there

I am from England and I do not know what this is either :/

awesome! ha