By baldspot - 02/04/2012 05:38 - Australia

Today, my daughter decided to wake me up by putting the vacuum in my hair and turning it on. FML
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I hope OP is alright, I think god is doing just fine.


I hope OP is alright, I think god is doing just fine.

The crazy shit kids learn from TV these days!

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Judging by OP's name I doubt her hair is alright.

Op must have a sting vacuum, because I have used mine to get stuff out of my hair and there's no bald spots on top of my head! but still that still sucks for Op if it ripped out hair!

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At least OP's daughter knows exactly how the vacuum works, she can always help with chores!

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....why did you feel the urge to tell us that?

49- baldspot is her location, dipshit. But I still giggled.(:

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I guess that really Sucks! I'm sorry that was bad

it did suck her hair, and yes it must be bad

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2 - I got it, unlike these guys above me. I actually chuckled at how well the dreaded "I'm sorry that sucks" comment fit here.

I think there's an error here... All four of them double posted identically. I'm posting once, if it duplicated then something weird is going on.

Well if it sucked that much she would be bald lol

What a lovely way to say good morning. Now here we go with all the vacuum pun comments.

Hmm I think breakfast in bed would have been better.

10- I can't tell if your profile picture is saying Facebook is the addiction or if its cocaine.

Hey 77 it's a joke I did with some blow shaped into Facebook since I'm addicted to Facebook more than my coke habit lol, But for real don't do drugs.

I don't see bald spots mentioned anywhere...

I'd have to guess that this was a vacuum with a power brush, and OP's hair was caught tangled in the brush. Ouch! That's gotta hurt. OP, I feel your pain. :)

My comment will be based on how old your daughter is.

You should take said daughters hair straightener away, see how she likes it!

What if she doesn't have one?...assuming someone that would do this is pretty young.

Just throwing out a suggestion. Sorry I did my include "if she is of the age/owns a straightener". How about read between the lines, I was saying she needs punishment.

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Owwww.... My brother did that to me :( not fun. Hope it didn't do too much damage!

Who knows, she could've done him a favor!

At least she didn't put it on your eye..