By Anonymous - 28/10/2012 10:43 - United States

Today, my mom decided to wake me up by pouring ice cold water on my face. Again. FML
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perdix 29

Stupid mom! Boiling water would work much better.

Wake up and smell the morning ice-cold water!


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princessmollysue 9

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Even though I usually go to the extreme...that's just wrong. On so many levels.

klovemachine 24

He/she must get revenge somehow. Peeing in her shoes is a great idea; it's better than a beat down :O

Here is a crazy idea. Why don't you just wake up an hour before she does and wake her up in the same manner?Turnabout is fair play, right?

Take pictures of her Boobies while she is sleeping... You could even sell them at school for some money!!! Win/Win

I believe 96 was referring to a past fml where a kid sold those kinds of pics of his mom in school

i think op is doing something wrong for the mom to do that. going to pee in mommy's shoes would just make op seem like an ungrateful child.

egghead1280 6

Ya wanna take a dump in mother maggies shoes? Lets go take a dump in mother maggies shoes

My dad did that to my brother and me too, OP.

Wake up and smell the morning ice-cold water!

2. Even when you say it with such optimism.. It seems horrible.

Jeterforever 3

My dad has done that to me before. I just made him wash and dry my sheets. I got over it.

I would then put a lock on my door and lock my door every night.

Well, 27, water we supposed to do, if not be optimistic about these kinds of things? At least he can take the lemons that life gives him now, and make a nice, cool lemonade this way ;)

Excuse me for looking at the glass half empty.. it sounds better than a half FULL glass being dumped on me :)

What the hell? Where the **** is your respect for your father?

cdsg23 15

Woops I accidentally left out to say that that comment was at 28

Doesn't matter, 91. Respect has nothing to do with that.

Jeterforever 3

91 **** you. That does not mean I do not disrespect my father. I respect him more than anyone else.

BriannaRWatson 13

Refreshing? I think I'd cry if my husband did that to me lol.

My stepmom used to wake me up by throwing a cup of ice-cold water on me if I didn't respond the first time. ._.

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For once try to get up earlier than her and then see how she likes it.

Your mom sounds pretty fun:) I would do a prank back at her if I were you.

Op should Try waking his mom up that way and see how she likes it.

Haha :) That would teach her a good lesson.

brohamas16 7

I once woke up tied up in chair in a warehouse in Columbia packed with tons of cocaine and a knife held to my neck; it was awesome, so, I agree that getting splashed in the face with ice cold water is the worst way to wake up.

I think you had that coming to you Mr.SassyPants. You gave the wrong drug dealer too much sass.

He deserved it. He got my deal wrong. Coca-cola is what I asked for and when I said I wanted a ton of it I was exaggerating my thirst.

So you asked a dealer for coca-cola? That's probably the street name for some new powerful narcotic. You should have known better.

You're right. I should go apologize to him for killing him. I'll say it was an accident or something. I'm sure he'll understand.

You mean you haven't apologized yet? Shame on you...

If I apologized to him while he had a knife to my neck, I would have died MrSissypants. So instead I did the only thing logical and started crackin' on his momma. I then escaped somehow and somehow gained control of the knife and killed him. I should apologize for the mom jokes too, huh? I will. His mother is actually a nice lady.

I don't doubt that Yo' Momma jokes were the correct response. However, your escape method seems a little vague. Are you sure the Expendables didn't bail you out?

No...... I give credit to no one but myself. Why? BECAUSE!

Hey at least now you don't have to take a shower, right?

wellfuuucckme 7

^ You don't take showers often now do you e.e *gives a bar of soap * no go wash ya ass

perdix 29

Stupid mom! Boiling water would work much better.

Inheritance 10

Ice cold water makes you pee yourself though. Though your idea is just as good, getting 2nd degree burn.

MaydayParadexx 18

No, 36, it doesn't. Dipping someone's fingers into warm water while they're asleep makes them pee themselves.

Seriously!? That's awesome I never knew that. Have you tried it??

Inheritance 10

Oops my bad thought it was the other way around. Thumb me down I deserve it.

iamzikang 17

58 - The warm water bowl trick works like a charm! It's also hilarious and nefarious...

and she would only have to do it once

When I read this I immediately sang ice ice baby.

TheRealRCP 0