By anonymous - 29/07/2012 13:34 - Australia - Queanbeyan

Today, my OCD boyfriend stopped mid-way through sex just to crack all ten of his knuckles after accidentally cracking one. FML
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Well you don't leave a job half finished.

It's not even just OCD, once you crack one you can't stop. It's like bubble wrap, except with less bubbles and wrap


Well you don't leave a job half finished.

fernclogger 5

A tenth* finished

Or one tenth finished

28- I'm all for blatantly plagiarizing comments, but try not to do it to the comment right above yours. Looks tacky.

He probably didn't see the other comment, they were posted at almost the exact same time.

thelinlinx3 10

46- his comment was 11 minutes apart..

#46 Seems dyslexic.

Bonzer 2

51- 9 minutes...

I didn't read his comment before I wrote mine, excuse the fuck out of me.

thelinlinx3 10

77- you got me. The guy was still wrong either way :P

PYLrulz 17

84 - That excuse MIGHT work IF you posted a minute or so after.

Llama_Face89 33

I suppose it's possible to comment without expanding the replies. Still no reason to come back and bitch because people called you out, 84.

thelinlinx3 10

Yeah 84! Just accept your fault ;P

I'm sorry I made a mistake take no notice of this comment

viviblink 4

you have eight knuckes so it would be 12.5 percent finished

I hope he at least finished after that

Well he does have OCD, so I'm sure once he started something, he'll finish. Unless, you know, one of his toes popped ;)

bertman21 5

Or he realized she turned the lights off wrong.

Classic reference to another fml

It's not even just OCD, once you crack one you can't stop. It's like bubble wrap, except with less bubbles and wrap

Oh god. I'm in your profile picture. :D

She kind of blew it out of proportion. *Today, my boyfriend cracked his knuckles at a time I deemed unfit.

75, Squeaky but no side pics? That's one thing I hate about the FML app, you get the comments but it takes forever to have the profile/picture pop up. Unless you recognize that person's name (there's so many) you don't know who left the comment until......... :P

~cracks Knuckles~ Ready for round two? :P

You can't just do 1/10th of the job and quit there.

Better than him continuing with sex and complaining that he doesn't feel right until he cracks the other nine knuckles.

unknown_user5566 26

Exactly! I am the same way with popping my knuckles, wrists, ankles, back and neck. Whenever I accidentally pop one, or see someone else pop something, I have to finish the entire process.

I have OCD myself. Say, if I drop a pencil behind a desk I have to reach under and push it back up from where it fell to retrieve it 'properly'.

haha I can't stand open cupboards.. everyones different

You could've done it for him so he didn't have to stop.

I don't get the same satisfaction by having someone else crack my knuckles for me.

Wicked361 8

"Oh Yeah that's a sexy way to crack. Finger isn't baby?" hmm Sounds appealing

Gotta have balance! Hope he finished well.

Maybe the toes are next.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Well I hope he at least continued with sex afterward :P

At least he can concentrate on you now instead of popping his knuckles. Could turn out to be good for you. Go with it.