By oink oink fuck off - 29/07/2012 18:49 - United Kingdom - Doncaster

Today, my son got to my great grandfather's old stopwatch, which had been valued at a very high sum, and broke it by twisting the hands in reverse. He says he was trying to time travel. FML
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justmethough 8

How old is your son exactly..?


justmethough 8

How old is your son exactly..?

Did it work because if it did you could go back a fix it?

HowAreYouToday 34

Or even better, ride dinosaurs :D

Or go back and try for more intelligent offspring.

BunchieRules 31

Young, I'd hope. OP, it's about time to teach your son how a clock works.

Well, if he was young, why would OP let him handle a family heirloom?

If he's under 5, that's kind of adorable. That could just be a girl thing though..

62 - It says the son "got to" the watch. In other words, it was out of his reach but that didn't stop him, as is often the case with children.

tjv3 10

This is wine of those times that you as a parent should have weighed your son's responsiblity level and then taken the watch and put it up for safe keeping until such time that he was able to care for it properly

BunchieRules 31

62 - You make a good point. My previous comment was simply an attempt at another "time" pun.

lukep135 6

You mock your sun but he must've messed with the space time continuum considering Obama is president

You can only do that if you hit 88mph.

DarthCory 7

Only if you can obtain the mighty yet mythical flux capacitor.

Don't let Bif get ahold of that magazine.

Inheritance 10

29 I thought it was jiggawatts.. Could be wrong

Also, make sure nobody calls you 'chicken' and gets away with it. Very crucial.

29: I think you mean 1.21 Gw, not 1.12.

4: you picture goes perfect with you comment. Just saying.

Inheritance 10

You can only do that if you hit 88mph.

Damn it. My phone posted twice... or maybe I just have bad OCD.

Um, the Doctor uses his TARDIS to time-travel. The watch was used to store his Time Lord self when he needed to disguise himself as a human. And it's "Doctor Who", not "Dr. Who". A watch was used in another TV programme about time manipulation though! Bernard's Watch was on CITV in the late 90s and featured a boy with a magic pocket watch that could stop time.

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...Did it delete the last line in my comment or is my iPod an asshole?

DarthCory 7

Hey 38, you're a "tardis". Buh dum tss.

Thanks for making Doctor Who fans look rude, #38. "Dr" instead of "Doctor" isn't that annoying, it's a reasonable abbreviation rather than a mistake, and #7 was probably just pointing out the time travel connection rather than saying that The Doctor uses a stopwatch to time travel.

actually I'd you all don't mind it's just The Doctor.

patacus 14

most quality watches/clocks (as in the ones you actually have to wind by hand, and don't run on batteries) are like that.

Obviously he's just a kid... I would take it, get it fixed and give it back to him when he becomes an adult. Hopefully he'll take better care of it then. ^_^

You never know with FML. Apparently, there are some parents with 18-20 year old sons or daughters who are pretty ******* stupid.

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All your backwards typing confused me and I accidentally thumbed you down. Sorry.

brookig 10

Love your pit! Beautiful. Do they have a bad rap in Australia like they have here in America? I believe there are bad owners, not dogs. So sad! We have a pit. Grew up with our kids. Best dog we have ever owned, hands down. Our Chihuahuas bit but not the pit!!!

Brookig - A) It's a bulldog. B) The PM system exists for a reason, and it isn't just so perdix can get all his fan mail.

I'm constantly amazed at arrogant twits who continue to argue in the face of overwhelming evidence against them.