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Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex, and he was moaning a lot. My ego was quickly crushed, though, when I found out they were moans of pain due to a foot cramp. We had to stop so I could rub his foot better. FML
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At least you caused pleasure and satisfaction for him while rubbing his foot better

Oh yea! Cramp more foot! Ohhhh yeaaaa!!!!


Oh yea! Cramp more foot! Ohhhh yeaaaa!!!!

He just could not fullfill your satisfaction..... as guys we will make any reason for such situation.

He might've cramped from trying too hard haha

Remember everyone stretch before sex so no unfortunate cramps ruin everything. :P

At least you caused pleasure and satisfaction for him while rubbing his foot better

Catching a cramp during sex is no joke. Once during sex, both of my quads cramped up on me simultaneously. That was horrible.

At least you got the satisfaction of knowing you pleased him.

I guess it was too much of a "feet" to handle.

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You'll be able to laugh about this later; for many years if you stay together. Cherish the small funny moments!

Let me finish that for you #7 ;) Baby, don't hurt me Don't hurt me no more What is love? Baby, don't hurt me Don't hurt me no more Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, uh uh

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Sorry OP. You gotta feel bad after that.

Am I the only guy sex starved enough to say he wouldn't stop having sex because of a foot cramp?

*looks around the room* *whispers in a squeaking voice* ""

I'm a girl and I still agree with you. I wouldn't stop either.

You've obviously never had a really agonizing foot cramp. Foot cramps are the worst kind of muscle cramps.

I'd probably feel too awkward to stop because of a foot cramp... ...

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I'm a girl so it might be different but foot cramps are the WORST of all cramps. It feels like your foot is caving in and it's just very painful.

Wait until you experience one during sex. You might say you won't stop but that's not true at all. I think mine went "Ow, ow, ow, oh shit leg cramp"

58 - Speaking as someone who has prescription narcotics specifically FOR period cramps... Muscle cramps are much worse. What's worse about period cramps are that they don't go away as fast.

I've played sports all my life so I've had my fair share of cramps. Including foot cramps. "Finish the play and die after." "Rub some dirt on it." Both sayings come to mind immediately.

Were you f**king on a treadmill?? How the hell........I'll leave this one alone!!!

There are plenty of positions that require the male to be on his feet/foot. Read a book bro!

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he doesn't even... have to be.. on his feet...

#10 I'm guessing you're the traditional boring missionary kind of person instead of the experimenting kind or just plain inexperienced.

Apparently, you decided to not leave this one alone..