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Today, my boyfriend and I were getting it on. My boyfriend noticed that every time I'm about to climax, I hit my head on something. Whether it's a wall or his face. FML
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Wear one of those foam cheese hats while having sex. It wont spoil the mood, honestly.

I'm terribly sorry to see you're bad at English.


it's pretty sad that I get chastised for sticking up for another person

I'm terrably sorry to hear your getting laid

I'm terribly sorry to see you're bad at English.

I'm terribly sorry to have to see someone correcting another on the Internet.

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I'm terribly to see someone ranting about someone correcting someone on the Internet

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I'm terribly sorry I'm keeping this chain alive.

I'm terribly sorry for responding so late.

I wouldn't be sorry at all if all of your computers just blew up. Except for 12; you didn't mean to start it.

im terribley fer speling evrythang rong nd continuing dis chian

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Shut the **** up!! That gets annoying fast.

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And u hving sex all the time is a problem how?

She probably has several concussions.

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He's just not digging the whole S&M routine. You both have to be willing you know.

lmao! warn him before climaxing and concentrate on using your hands and scratch instead.

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Absolutely right FYLdeep. It took me forever to sort out the charges last time I messed that one up. Op either needs to invest in a helmet or have herself tied to the bed frame a little more centered on the mattress.

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lol, good way to get more endorphins..

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I know right?^ Just be more careful next time, OP.

idk possibly the six or seven face prints in the wall and banister? I doubt she could be very careful as I am sure it's an impulsive reflex that she can't control.

that's what I was thinking. shit like this gets posted while good ones get rejected.